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According to Angela Escobar, co-owner of Espiral, a manufacturer whose assortment consists of 90 percent dancewear and clubwear, key to the company’s success is “definitely the designs we offer: How different they are, the variety and the uniqueness. We offer a product that allows women to really stand out from the crowd. We are lucky to be able to take trends from around the world, combine them and come out with a fashionable product.” Her advice to someone looking to succeed in the market is: “Whatever you do, offer something different from what is out there. Dancewear and clubwear are different from lingerie; in lingerie, you can offer the same things over and over, but with clubwear and dancewear, you need to be very modern and up-to-date. People want to wear what they see on the runway.” She sees current trends as going back to the ‘90’s, with rock ‘n roll styles such a gun metal and stud embellishments back en vogue. Additionally “metallics are very strong at this time,” she said. Since launching a small line of long gowns this year, she added: “A lot of customers are requesting them.” In passé styles, she said: “I don’t think the ‘80’s are as big right now as they were a few years ago.” “Mini skirts [and] anything with school girl plaids” are consistently popular regardless of current trends,” she said. Since entering the dancewear/clubwear market about 10 years ago, and launching the full Espiral line five to six years ago, Escobar has noticed that “fashion has entered the clubs. This is a major change: Companies used to make a few pieces and just change the fabrics, and that was it.” Overall the company makes 200-plus clubwear and dancewear styles and more than 2,000 skews, with two colors and four sizes per style. Currently, Escobar said: “We are doing a lot of tops, [and] will come out with a full collection of dresses at ILS.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2010-03-24 11:01:46

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