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According to Richard Treat, president and buyer for Body Body, a seasonal men’s store in Provincetown, MA, consumers are still as price-driven as ever. Treat bought the now 20-year-old business in 1991, and started carrying underwear several years ago. “This is a resort town, and when people travel they forget essentials such as underwear. [The men’s intimates market] exploded when Calvin Klein started making 2(x)ist. At that time, it became very popular for men to purchase their own underwear [as opposed to their significant others purchasing it for them].” Over the years, the demographics of Provincetown (also known as P-Town) have changed, consequently changing Body Body’s customer base. “P-Town has gotten much more upscale, and more expensive. The people that can afford to stay here for a week are a little bit older than they used to be. My typical customer is now 35 and above.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2010-03-24 10:51:56

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