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Eric Schwers, chief executive officer of Baskit, said: “Year in, year out, quality always sells and the consumer who normally makes buying decisions based on this key factor sticks with it. Further, I think that during the economic downturns you see many consumers looking for quality products.” “[In order to succeed in men’s intimates] you need to have a way to differentiate your product and consistently deliver that […] we have built our business based on quality product coupled with great styling and it has provided a loyal following that continues to keep us relevant in the minds of consumers.” Schwers described his niche as “two-fold: quality and style. Baskit underwear is some of the best made out there and we really strive to keep the style fashion-forward.” Best-selling styles consist of the Ribbed Jockbrief, followed closely by the ActionCool Mesh low-rise trunk. The company carries sizes S through XL, fitting a waist size range of 28 to 36 or 38. In trends, Schwers sees eco-friendly products as continuing to catch on, such as Baskit’s Pure collection. The “underoos” or kid-print designs are going out of style, he said, as well as wide waistbands.

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2010-03-24 10:51:56

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