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According to Sean Ashby, owner of Australian-based aussieBum, consumers are slowly becoming less price-conscious. “Now that Australia and the world are slowly coming out of this recession the [trend towards conservative spending] is slowly changing […] This being said, aussieBum as a company grew 40 percent last year, so it hasn’t affected us too badly. I think that quality is one of the defining factors; quality people are always prepared to pay for, and that is ultimately what differentiates one company from the next. “In general, consumers today are becoming savvier, and because of technological advances in areas such as social networking, people are more able to do their research into what they are buying, [and] what their friends think about the product [...] This is the reason it is important to provide a sense of value as a company today, especially in regards [to] environmental and sustainability concerns.” His advice to someone looking to make a profit in the men’s intimates market is to “have a purpose and create products that you can be proud of, ones that embody the company’s value system in every way. In general I’d say be something for someone, not everyone. You can’t please everyone.” Among Ashby’s reasons for starting aussieBum were that he wanted to create something that reflected the Australian lifestyle and culture. He called aussieBum a “fun, sexy, masculine, down-to-earth Australian brand.” He described its typical customers as “men that are comfortable within themselves and their sexuality.” He said about trends in the men’s intimates market; “I don’t think fashion is necessarily about following a trend any more, rather it’s about evolution […] people want to wear something unique, something that makes them feel like an individual, and that’s where aussieBum steps in.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2010-03-24 10:51:56

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