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k.bell socks

According to Karen Bell, founder of K.Bell Socks, “fashion, comfort and value” are the most important things for achieving success in the legwear industry. She added that the company offers legwear as opposed to other categories because “It has always been what we do best.” K.Bell has offered legwear for over 30 years. Currently, its women’s sizes range from 9 to 11, while men’s sizes range from 10 to 13. Top-sellers at the company are white and assorted colored no-shows socks, black tights, novelty anklets, fashion basics in assorted colors and all knee high silhouettes for boots. Soon, Bell will be launching taller silhouettes to be worn with boots, more multi-packs and more “fun fashion.” Bell sees “thick and chunky slouch socks” and neon colors as going out of style. In this economy she has noticed that “back to basics with continued K.Bell fun” styles are among the most popular. In general, she sees the legwear industry as strong despite the poor economy because “socks are a basic staple, a necessity.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2009-10-01 09:01:29

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