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At Affiinitas Keng Zhang said the plus market now accounts for about half his overall business. And an important factor is to provide larger sizes in a wide variety of styles. “In the last six months, we continue to receive great booking of our AW 12 collection, especially our expanded basic collection, Jeanie, Honey and Kelly collections. In addition to the best selling Plunge Molded Bra 4801 in the Jeanie collection, we have added Strapless Contour Bra 4815, Contour Spacer (thin pad) Bra 4816, and Contour Strapless Bustier in the collection. All new styles have size up to a “G” cup, and will be in both black and european nude colors and start shipping in July, 2012. We also added the navy blue color to the Kelly collection which has been one of the best selling basic collection of Parfait. Our Honey collection also receives great success especially the Molded Underwired Babydoll, which is well designed with very soft materials and a comfortable fit. The Honey molded underwired babydoll is one of the few babydoll styles that are available in the market with sizing up to a “G” cup.” Zhang also reported the addition of plus sizing to his Parfait collection, with the “size range of some of our best selling styles [going up] to K cups by the end of this year.” Overall, Parfait “will continue to offer strong fashion collections as its driving force, and at the same time, build up into a comfortable, affordable and everyday-wear basic collections.” Asked if he sees the plus market continuing to expand, Zhang nodded. “Yes, I totally agree. There is still a large demand for plus size products in the market. So, it’s reasonable to see more players into this market in the short term,” adding, “the aaverage bust size of women has been increased from time to time. As a result, there are more and more potential customers looking for plus size lingerie.” While there are more plus customers, they are also getting more demanding. “Consumers with plus size busts are no longer satisfied with the traditional basic and comfortable plus size lingerie. They are looking for more plus size lingerie with sophisticated and fashion design. Parfait was born and is designed to meet this increasing demand from the market.” Asked about technological innovations that have been used in his plus offerings, Zhang said, “the one that I have to mention is the Jeanie contour spacer bra 4816 that we will introduce in July 2012. The bra cups of this style are made of innovative spacer foam which are very thin, breathable and comfortable. We have designed this bra style that is extremely comfortable as everyday wear and at very affordable price to our customers. This style is offered in sizes up to a “G” cups, and has been well received. At Affinitas, the top three bras for the plus market are: the Jeanie Contour Spacer Bra 4816 30-40D, DD, E, F, FF, G $21.6 / wholesale and $48 / retail; the Honey Molded Underwired Babydoll 30-40D, DD, E, F, FF, G $29.25 / wholesale and $65/retail; Fiona Padded Wired Camisole 30-40D, DD, E F, FF, G $29.25 / wholesale and $65/retail.

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2012-06-02 18:32:59

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