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Steve and Justin Chernoff of Rago Foundations described the shapewear market as becoming increasingly saturated with unstructured garments as the “buzz” around shapewear picks up. They see Rago as standing out on the marketplace with its high-quality, structured garments and 65 years of experience. To demonstrate this, the company has created the slogan “Now you need a Rago.” “Rago makes products that really work, which is what the ‘Now you need a Rago’ slogan is about,” they said. One of the new structured garments that they are particularly excited about is the trademarked Perky Lift, which they described as the only product available that shapes the wearer’s body and lifts her breasts while she wears a bra of her choice. It is designed to give a woman a two inch-plus lift in her bust, slim her tummy, eliminate muffin top and reduce shoulder and back pain by improving her posture. “We wear tested the product and just showed it at the Salon International de la Lingerie Show in Paris. It really works, and there is no other garment like it,” Steve said. While focusing on structure, Rago has also been incorporating fashion-forward, lingerie-inspired elements and pops of color into its shapewear rather than sticking to basic styles in nude and black. Overall, they said the company incorporates elements of comfort, fit and fashion into its shapewear in order to offer women the ultimate product. “Shapewear is more than a garment. It is also supposed to give the wearer a psychological lift.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2011-03-03 20:54:17

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