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Rafael Segarra, director of special projects for Co’Coon, said the company’s expertise allows it to stand out in the competitive market. “Besides experience, quality and innovation, which is one of the strong points of the Co’Coon brand, its manufacturing started [by Fibertex] in the mid-1990’s and this is obviously an advantage, as we have pioneered this concept in the Latin American market. This is the reason Co’Coon is able to produce such a wide variety of shapers, having one of the largest shaper portfolios under one roof that can do a variety of functions for today’s women.” In trends, he sees shapewear as heading toward “multiple functionality in a single garment combined with fashion. Co’Coon already started this concept back in the late ‘90’s with our bodies, as well as the microcapsule concept in the year 2006.” He named Co’Coon’s best-selling line as Skincare with Control, as it fits in with “today’s woman’s interests: beauty, well- being and control” with designs that “shape, enhance and gradually reduce the different parts of the body, have high elasticity to allow the free movement of the body while keeping the garment permanently adjusted and finally contain microcapsules of either marine algae, caffeine, milk & oats and vitamin E emulsions which tone up, nourish and hydrate the skin.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2011-03-03 20:18:02

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