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Fetish Factory

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For twelve years, Fetish Factory has enjoyed a reputation as a place to shop and become a part of a growing community of like-minded people who enjoy wearing fetish fashion.

Established in May 1995 as a small boutique filled with imported latex fetish fashions, the sexy lingerie store expanded to meet the needs of their growing audience-the glam-fetish and bdsm community-to become a 6,000 square foot superstore of bliss.

Fetish Factory customers' ages range from 16 to 65 and vary in socio-economic background. According to the company, women primarily shop for themselves, but a fair amount of men ages 18-45 shop for themselves as well. In an effort to reach out to potential new customers, Fetish Factory has built a large presence online, and in an email list that has over 40,000 members. In addition, Fetish Factory advertises in several international fetish magazines.

Fetish Factory plays host the country's longest running and the largest strict-dress code fetish event (second largest in the world) known as Alter Ego. With approximately 750 guests each month at the event, Fetish Factory features outfits straight out of Mad Max, including gas masks, hazmat suits, zombie makeup, future erotic and military officer uniforms. Other annual events include the Fetish Factory Anniversary and Halloween Fetish ball.

"Our store is a community," said Donna Leone, owner and buyer of Fetish Factory. "We offer great unique apparel and a place to wear it."

Prior to joining Fetish Factory in 1995, a boutique she truly loves and enjoys, Leone worked as a pharmacist. Now having worked in the industry for more than 12 years, Leone has gained a lot insight into the sexy industry.

"Items that were once worn solely in the bedroom are now being worn out to clubs and other public events," Leone said.

And to keep up with the growing trend, Fetish Factory is continuously expanding its merchandise.

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