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Déja Vu Adult Emporium

Déja Vu Adult Emporium - Front


In June of 2005, Déja vu Adult Emporium opened on 4335 W Tropicana Ave in Las Vegas and hasn't closed yet...literally. The 9,000 square foot lingerie store is open 24 hours, offering lingerie and adult toy lovers hours and hours of sexy shopping.

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, the lingerie shop is home to tons of lingerie and swimwear apparel, including the stores hottest brands of Body Zone, Leg Avenue, Coquette, Forplay, Dreamgirl and Ellie shoes. But Déja vu doesn't only provide sexy lingerie to Las Vegas visitors and natives, the lingerie boutique has a total of 38 stores located around the country.

The company reports the shop appeals to a large range of customers-everyone from young dancers to older couples looking to enhance their sex life stop by and enjoy the merchandise. The sexy shop even appeal to persons of alternative lifestyles as they offer Male Power, Allure Leather intimates for men.

"People think our shoppers are scary, but they are normal people," said Megan Swartz, store manager for the Déj vu in Las Vegas. "Our customers are 18 to 60."

On average, a visitor will spend approximately $50.00 per visit, but on occasion, shoppers may find themselves spending up to $1,000 especially if they own a strip club and are purchasing outfits for their dancers. Because of the high frequency of new merchandise, some customers stop by once a week, others once a day.

Referring to her store as the Wal-Mart of the industry-well, more like Neiman Marcus-Swartz is certain everyone can find everything they need in her store.

Swartz attributes the popularity of her lingerie and adult boutique to word of mouth, and of course the quality of her service.

"We greet our customers at the door," said Swartz. "So when they [customers] have a great visit, they tell their friends."

Déja vu ensures that customers feel comfortable and at ease when shopping their well-lit shop. Moreover, their 25 employees are trained to be professionals-specialists in the industry. Recently, Déja vu sponsored a Hustler fashion show that showcased their Déja vu showgirls. Between 150 and 200 people filled the shop to experience the show, giveaways and even games during intermission.

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