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Mary Jo Bruno

Mary Jo Bruno - Front


Lingerie manufacturer Mary Jo Bruno opened her first store almost two years ago in the Manhattan Beach area of California. Though still in its infancy, the store has garnered a reputation for its couture lingerie and jewelry, as well as a little bit of controversy.

You could say the company started making a name for itself right out of the gates. Bruno has been manufacturing lingerie for over ten years, but last year may have marked her first entry into many people's minds. Last year, one of the store's mannequins, named Dominique, offended a passerbyer with her backside, barely covered by a thong, pointed out towards the public. Needless to say, the local media got involved and created a firestorm of publicity for the store and its owner. After a brief hiatus, Dominique returned, a little more casually dressed, and Mary Jo proceeded doing what she did best...manufacturing lingerie.

Scattered throughout the 1,000 square-foot store shoppers are bound the uniqueness and broad appeal of the company's lingerie. According to Susan Hagen, design director for Mary Jo Bruno, women are starting to don the company's pieces not only as nighttime wear, but during the day as well. With bras ranging in price from $60 to $250, shoppers might as well show people what their money got them.

The company caters to a diverse group of shoppers, with affluent tourists, locals, stylists and spendthrift celebrities rounding out the stores frequenters list. And these customers don't come to window shop either, with the company reporting on average, a shopper will walk out anywhere from $250 to $800 lighter in the pocket.
So what is it about the store that keeps people coming back for more? "Our store is very unique," said Hagen. "It is not a typical beach store."
Maybe it is the Modern Hollywood glamour vibe that the store tries to emulate. Or maybe it is the company's fresh take on the lingerie genre. Whatever it may be, people can't seem to get enough of it."

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