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Upper Breast Side

Upper Breast Side - Front


Number of stores: 1
Square footage: 1,000
Year opened: 1999

Amanda Torres Price, BODY: Describe your store.

F.R.G.: In a landmark building more likely photographed for its exterior architectural features than its inhabitants is a narrow bronze opening. Inside, there are two pink light circles that reveal the entrance to the Upper Breast Side. Enter through the sliding glass doors and you immediately realize you’ve come to a very unique spot tailored to the expectant or new mother. As you are welcomed, your eye finds breast pump products and machinery arrayed to induce curiosity, not angst. Books are dispersed in all corners. Most importantly, rather than left to browse in the same manner as one might find in other settings, you are gently assisted by the staff, who succeed in giving the mom the impression that [she is] now visiting a true breastfeeding resource center.

A.T.P.: What makes your store special?

F.R.G.: The Upper Breast Side [is] the most unique place to visit and obtain all breastfeeding information and products. We are the largest hospital-grade rental station in New York City, and are still the first and only one with a milk bar where women are able to actually test drive pumps prior to purchase or rental [...] We have highly-trained bra fitters who are superbly qualified.

A.T.P.: What brands are important to your store?

F.R.G.: Bravado Designs; Anita; Medela; Elle Macpherson; Belabumbum; Japanese Weekend; Blue Canoe; Larrivo; HOTmilk; Glamourmom; Ripe; Marlies Dekkers; and about another dozen.

A.T.P.: What is your price range?

F.R.G.: Although we could charge higher rates being brick and mortar, we prefer slimmer profits and give women additional reasons to buy these high-quality products. As such, [our prices are] $16 to $160.

A.T.P.: What does your average customer spend per visit?

F.R.G.: $50 to $220.

A.T.P.: What trends are popular among your customers?

F.R.G.: Over the years, we are pleased that the designers of nursing bras and clothing have taken into account that this period of time in a woman does not mean that her fashion sense has dulled or been put aside. Whereas Bravado Designs was one of the first that boldly went where no other company dared, now we have [styles] that are so well-designed that they belong exposed, not hidden!
A.T.P.: What other information would you like to share about your store?

F.R.G.: Especially in this day and age, where any and every search puts us online for hours and days, it isn’t surprising that “search stress” is now an additional component of preparing for parenthood.  Look, here at T.U.B.S., we’ve traveled this road.  And now we “travel” with really savvy, smart women. They come here to get the most up-to-date information on products, the best selection of JUST the best products, and leave with insight, opinions and a better understanding on what they can expect and prepare for.

Store Address:135 West 70th, Ste.1L,

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