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Eros 1207

Eros 1207 - Front


Corporation Name:
CL International Inc.
President: Dennis Cook
Number of stores: 3
Year opened: 1994
Flagship location: Houston, Tex.
Flagship square footage: 15,000
Typical square footage:
2,500 or larger

Amanda Torres Price, BODY: Describe your store.

A.B.: Eros 1207 is Houston’s largest adult boutique it has a very open and friendly feel. We carry a large selection of sexy lingerie; adult novelties; DVDs; and bath and body products. At the present time we are undergoing a major remodel [in] all of our three locations. We want to make the adult shopping experience just a little more fun and exciting.

A.T.P.: What makes your store special, and why do customers choose it over competitors?

A.B.: Our great customer service and our very friendly staff. We feel our sales assistants are very well-educated in the field of adult products. We try to make our customers shopping experience not only fun but educational. A well-educated sales staff gives our customers the opportunity to chose what best fits their needs.

A.T.P.: What brands are important in your store?

A.B.: In our lingerie department we carry Shirley of Hollywood; Dreamgirl; Forplay; Music Legs; Electric Lingerie; and so many others. We really haven’t dropped any one brand, we just change with trends just like everyone else.

A.T.P.: What styles or trends are currently popular among your customers?

A.B.: I think the big trend is couple shopping. We see more couples shopping together than ever before. Whether it’s something for her or for him, couples play is never out of style. As far as style is concern, it’s whatever makes [them] feel sexy.

A.T.P.: Describe your price structure and size range.

A.B.: Our price points are competitive with the competitors around town and we offer discounts and specials to our customers. We carry an array of sizes from S and petite to full-figured: no matter your size we’ve got you covered.

A.T.P.: How would you describe your customer base?

A.B.: Our customer base is from their early 20’s to late 50’s and 60’s. 60 percent of them are women and the rest are men. We are finding that [people of] as young as 18 to 19 years of age are starting to explore their wants and desires and finding the meaning of good sex. And our older customers are looking to get it back and we are here to help.

A.T.P.: What is your typical or average customer size?

A.B.: Our customers come in all sizes. I have learned in this business that the word typical does not apply.

A.T.P.: What does the typical customer spend in your store?

A.B.: We cater to [the] working-class and upper-middle-class groups, and we find that on the average they spend about $25 to $150 per visit.

A.T.P.: What other information about your store would you like to share with us?

A.B.: Eros 1207 approached me about a year ago to come work for them, so after eight years of working for Déjà Vu Love Boutique as general manager, buyer and visual merchandiser, I left and came to Houston to start a new adventure and bring that something extra to Texas. I have just finish the makeover at the southwest location and it came out great. The look is fun/sexy with a little of Vegas thrown in. Our store in Freeport, Tex. had a few changes done to it as well. It really came out great. Now, I am starting the main store’s makeover. I have 15,000-square-feet to play with and I can’t wait to get started. The look for this store will be upscale/chic and of course sexy. My boss Mr. Cook has given me full control of the design and color scheme of the store. We are expecting a completion date sometime in March of 2011. It will be Houston’s largest adult boutique and the best. All I can say is there’s a new girl in town, Houston, and her name is Andrea Brown, so the next time you are [here] come by and check us out: I think you will like what you find.

Flagship Address:1207 Spenser Hwy., South Houston, TX-77587

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