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Contessa Corset Shop

Contessa Corset Shop - Front


Number of stores: 1
Location: West Hartford,
Square footage: 850

Amanda Torres Price, BODY: Describe your store, including physical description and key product categories.

Maria Colasacco :
Established over half century ago, Contessa Corset Shop, is located in the center of West Hartford. Service, comfort and confidentiality [are] our [priorities]. This small specialty shop takes good care of the customers with quality merchandise and information [on subjects] like: The importance of knowing your bra size, different bras for different reasons, light support bras, full support bras, push-up bras, sports bras, and of course, for our best customers, first/ training bras.

A.T.P.: What makes your store special, and why do customers choose it over competing stores?

M.C.: In addition to [our focus on] quality, service, comfort and confidentiality, [we offer] a large selection of lingerie, nightgowns, swimsuits and bras. Contessa Corset Shop has recognized the need to provide women needing breast prosthesis with a service that provides an expert fitting individual to each woman. Women can now consult with a breast prosthesis specialist who will now match them with the appropriate product to meet their lifestyle and cosmetic needs.

A.T.P.: What brands are particularly important in your store?

M.C.: Eveden; Carnival Creations; Wacoal; Rago; Chantelle; Crown Foundations; Custom Maid; Venus; Fantasia; Mystique Intimates; LaCera; Anne Lewin.

A.T.P.: What price range and size range do you carry?

M.C.: Bras: price points from $48 to $200. Size ranges, bras: 30AA – 54J, sleepwear: XS – 4X.

A.T.P.: How would you describe your customer base?

M.C.: Females [of] any age.

A.T.P.: What is your typical or average customer size?

M.C..: [Bestselling sizes are] bras: 34H, sleepwear: M.

A.T.P.: What does the typical or average customer spend in your store?

M.C..: $150

A.T.P.: Is there any other information about your store that you would like to share with us?

M.C..: We do alterations on site, most of the time while the customer is waiting.

Store Address: 66 LaSalle Rd, West Hartford,CT 06107

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