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Male Uwear

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Question and answer with Tim Wilde, president and key buyer of Male Uwear, a 1,100-square-foot store located at 415 Westheimer Drive in Houston, Tex.

Amanda Torres, BODY: Describe your store, including physical description and key product categories.

Tim Wilde, Male UWear: In five years, Male Uwear has become the premiere store for men’s underwear and swimwear. When shopping at Male Uwear, You quickly see that it’s the Victoria Secret for men. The store pride’s itself with great and unique selections and the many exclusive brands it carries. You won’t just find underwear and swimwear, you’ll find fun and fashionable shirts. Male Uwear also carries jewelry and watches that will not break the bank. Last year, Male Uwear added a new section, “Corner Gift Shop,” where you will find such items as candles, candle warmers, effusion lamps, diffusers, lube, cologne, glassware, bags, cards, and much more. When visiting Houston, many people make this store a “must” shop.

A.T.: What makes your store special, and why do customer choose it over competing stores?

T.W.: Male Uwear carries many exclusive brands. With great and unique merchandise we lead the way in Houston as the premiere underwear and swimwear store for men. You will also find the employees wear what they sell. That’s right, they wear underwear or swimwear.

A.T.: What brands are particularly important in your store, and why?

T.W.: Aussiebum is very important to us. There are not many retailers in the U.S. who carry the brand. Other exclusive brands include Clever, PPÜ, Pikante, Joe Snyder, Gigo, Bumgear, Timoteo and Jocko. You can also find brands such as Papi, Unico, Go Softwear, N2N Bodywear, Male Power, Andrew Christian and Pistol Pete.

A.T.: What price range and size range do you carry?

T.W.: Underwear is priced from $10 to $50, and swimwear from $25 to $100. We carry sizes S through XL.

A.T.: Who is your customer base made up of?

T.W.: Mostly male, although there are some females shopping for their husbands and boyfriends. Ages are from 18 to 60.

A.T.: What other information about your store would you like to share with us?

T.W.: A description of our store from our website: “Tim Wilde and his life partner Tony McClelland are both from southeast Texas. They are sure you will enjoy this unique concept for men as well as the atmosphere. Male UWear is very involved in the community. They have donated over $10,000 to charities. Male Uwear has [also] won many local awards. In 2007, City Voter named the store Best Men’s Clothing Store in Houston.”

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