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When Pablo Manzur, a business and marketing consultant, associated with his business partners Michael Castro and Jose Medina, re-launched this February under a new domain, he knew exactly what he wanted to offer his male customers. "We wanted [them] to enjoy a wide variety of colors, prints and themes," he said simply. "These ideas motivated us to give a fresh new push to our site. Mundo Unico has tremendously helped us accomplish this objective."

The new has been completely revamped under Manzur's ownership. After the old owner went out of business, Manzur decided to purchase the domain and make it an entirely new business before the catchy name disappeared off the map.

When visiting it is no surprise that Unico is a big seller for them — the company's styles are heavily featured on the main page and are the first thing you see when accessing the site. "We believe we are the store on the web carrying the highest number, if not all, of Mundo Unico and Clever items, which may have to do with the fact those are our most popular brands," said Manzur. "I would call Unico the king of boxer briefs. [Their] items are comfortable, fun and sexy, and they have a good balance of price and quality." attracts men of all ages, said Manzur. "We have many young customers buying fun styles from Clever and Ginch Gonch featuring rock and other trendy themes [and also] more mature customers who are looking purely for the comfort brands like 2(x)ist and Punto Blanco," he said.

The e-tailer's inventory also consists of items from Calvin Klein, C-IN2, Whittal & Shon, among many other brands. New brands that will be added or are being considered include PPU, Pikante, Baskit, Sauvage, HOM and Hanro.

In terms of trends, Manzur says he has noticed an increase in fashion forward brands. "We have talked to so many customers who would only buy the cheapest underwear who have 'converted' to quality underwear after they bought heir first pair of soft, fitted, comfortable underwear," he said. "They basically didn't know what they were missing."

In the future, Manzur says he has plans of opening up a brick-and-mortar location, and will soon be even further updating his site. "We are making one big change in our website — something that nobody else in the industry has, and it will have many people talking. Unfortunately, we cannot announce it at this time."

To reach Pablo Manzur, also the buyer, call (305) 735-2622 or e-mail

— B.F.

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