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For over 20 years, International Male has been a leader in menswear, translating to a selection of true-blue quality, exciting styles and genuine knowledge of the fashion industry. But early this year, International Male merged with Undergear, a leader in direct-mail workout gear and casualwear for fitness-conscious men, to offer a selection of intimates shoppers won't find in staid department stores or boutiques.

"Since we've folded into one store, people have been very excited," said Robert Grey, director of merchandising. "You get both brands in one."

The 50 brands of activewear, underwear and casualwear at affordable prices. Top categories include loungewear, basic underwear, briefs, bikinis and even trucks-an offset of David Beckham underwear ads Grey reports.

Top brands include N2N, Diesel and 2(x)ist, with other brands offered including Joe Boxer, Colt, Male Power, Steven, Play and Whittal & Shon. Along with the numerous men's brands, Undergear also provides Contour and Tactics, its own brands of apparel that hits the mark everytime.

"We are always updating our selection with brands that are constantly reinventing themselves," said Grey. "Years ago, Joe Boxer and 2(x)ist came to us when they weren't nearly as popular, and now they are huge. So, we also help launch a company's gear."

According to Grey, the concept behind Undergear is simple: "It's sleek and always updated." Complete with a black background with a stainless steel finish, Undergear strives to make viewers feel as if they've stepped into a boutique or high-end department store with customer service assistance readily available.

"Because our site has a modern feel, you feel like you're in a store," said Grey. "Navigation clearly lists which department you are in, and our shop by brand and new arrivals sections are just a click away."

As an added convenience for its customers, Undergear delivers a 60-page color catalog directly to their door, which is perfect for shoppers who want the hottest brands literally at their fingertips. Published 12 times a year and distributed in every state, the catalog has been highlighting various brands and styles for 25 years. Approximately eight to ten brands are displayed in each catalog.

"We like to test brands online first, then based on sales, we move them into our catalog," said Grey. "Some vendors will go straight into the catalog, but most are tested online first."

The company explains the majority of its shoppers are middle-aged men in search for stylish and comfortable underwear, but Undergear is slowly attracting younger audiences due to its influx in marketing campaigns. Most recently, the online retailer is held a model search for one lucky winner to appear on the cover of the spring '09 Undergear catalog. "Model Star" open call events were held throughout the summer in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, with the finale to be held in New York City.

To contact Undergear call (800) 853-8555 or email them at

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