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With extensive consumer research, combined with a sixth sense of emerging new markets and trends, Raul Valencia and Paula Zuniga saw a need to offer men designer apparel and accessories. In filling that need, the couple birthed in January of 2003, giving men opportunities to buy high-end underwear, swimwear and high quality accessories at great prices.

Since its inception, has grown more than 90 percent in sales, showcasing hot brands such as Malepower, Unico, 2xisit, n2n malebasics brand and a few others that have "survived the competitive market," said Valencia.

"Manufacturers need to be innovative with their underwear everytime. It's about changing the color of the waist-band and just being different and going the extra mile."

The company reports typical customer's range from 25 to 45 years old with incomes approximating $45,000 a year.

Over the past five years the on-line retailer has seen an influx in women shopping for sexy styles for their boyfriends and husbands, and even mothers shopping for their sons.
In the coming months, plans to incorporate accessories (chains, wristbands, towels, necklace, etc.) to its collection of men's apparel to provide all the basics a man needs to get fully dressed.

"We want the viewers to be able to shop for everything they need from morning to night," said Valencia. "We bring in all the basics for the modern metrosexual man."

Through traditional advertising in Google, MSN, Yahoo, and the blog, doesn't have much trouble spreading the word; but, perhaps the most influential form of advertising has been word of mouth.

The word has even spread around the world as frequent shoppers visit from France, Germany, China, Japan, Spain and Mexico to experience the multi-lingual site.

"We have to remind our selves that the world is more than the U.S, and that's why our site is available in English, Spanish and French," said Valencia. "Some retailers don't go the extra mile, but we want to."

In going the extra mile, the site maintains simplicity as its easy to navigate, search and find what you want in 30 seconds.

Designed so viewers can find what they need quickly, the site is built on the premise of effortless shopping.

"If a viewer can't find what they need in less than a minute, then its just not there," said Valencia. "We want to be simple and basic. Underwear is a small part of wardrobe and shopping should be the same. No one should spend more than a half an hour shopping for boxers."

Customer service is key for
The on-line retailer ensures that orders are processed the same day and shipments are received in 1-3 days.

As evolves into a customer driven site, one thing that remains constant is the desire to offer men a similar selection of underwear women constantly receive in lingerie. headquarters is located at 15629 Southwest 100 Lane, Miami, FL 33196.

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