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Cathy Guerrera is not only a 15-year veteran of the beauty industry, but a savvy business woman to boot.

The retailer operates two beauty supply stores, The Beauty Experience, located in the San Diego area that transcends the scope of the industry to include lingerie, one of San Diego's largest selections of upscale wigs, costume wigs and Halloween costumes.

"It is a very eclectic blend of different industries that captivate my customers," she said. "They always let us know how much fun it is to shop in the store and that they can't wait to come back to see what's new."

For the past three seasons Guerrera has transformed The Beauty Experience stores, along with the help of her "right arm" Christinia Marc, into a Halloween costume shop, a decision she says has been one for the better. "My sales double every year and I predict the same for next year," she said. "I anticipate a 33 percent increase from this year because every year I am discovered by new customers and they are willing to travel to where I am. I feel very confident in growth for years to come due to word of mouth advertising."

Guerrera states that the reason her customers continue returning is for the retail atmosphere she has created in both her Plaza Bonita and El Cajon locations. "I spend a lot of energy in designing the windows and changing the display," she said. "We absolutely magnetize people into the store by really paying attention to details and aesthetic. We are a beauty supply store so that is our forte-keeping the store well merchandised and always appealing to the eye."

Inside, customers can find a unique product selection displayed.

With competition from pop-up retailers appearing just a stone's throw away, Guerrera must provide fresh and innovative styles from quality brands.
The Grecian goddess is one look that has been a hit so far in the store, and Guerrera owes it to the stellar designs of various vendors. "A lot of companies came out with really great costumes for this category so I have a large selection," she said.

Popular brands include Rubie's, Secret Wishes, Leg Avenue, Charades, California Costume, Be Wicked and Playboy.

"I've been very successful with costumes because I really cater to the petite market and I'm stocked with very beautiful costumes for the plus size," she said. "People appreciate that I cater to those two ends of the spectrum. Petite women get missed and so do larger women."

"It's like a candy store for every woman," she said. "There is something to look at in every nook and cranny. I'm a shopper and I've created a store that I would love to shop in."

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