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A Cake Lingerie style. A Cake Lingerie style. A Cake Lingerie style. Cake Lingerie style. Cake Lingerie style.
A Cake Lingerie style.

Added: Sep 2010
A Cake Lingerie style.

Added: Sep 2010
A Cake Lingerie style.

Added: Sep 2010
Cake Lingerie style.

Added: Aug 2010
Cake Lingerie style.

Added: Aug 2010

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Cake Lingerie Enters U.S. Market

Cake Lingerie styles.
Cake Lingerie styles.

(Filed Under wholesale Maternity News). Australian maternity wholesaler Cake Lingerie has delved into the U.S. Market for the first time. The vintage-inspired maternity brand is now represented by The Gig Showroom on the West Coast, and David R Lingerie on the East Coast. Specialty stores on west coast who have picked up the brand include A Perfect Fit Fine Lingerie in Tustin, Calif., La Rouge in Laguna Beach, Calif., and e-tailer Panty Salad. Merchandise includes soft-cup bras running in sizes 32B through 38F and wholesaling from $27 to $32, as well as panties wholesaling from $12 to $15. Retail prices range from $28 to $32 for panties and $60 to $70 for bras.

Since its inception in 2008, Cake Lingerie has launched in approximately 100 stores throughout Australia and 150 stores internationally in the United Kingdom; New Zealand; France; Germany; Norway; Sweden; Japan; and Israel, among others. Founder of the company Tracey Montford came up with the idea after giving birth to her son, and noticing that “there was nothing out there that was remotely something she would want to wear,” said Keith Hyams, marketing manager of the company, as well as Montford's husband. “Everything she found was matronly, high-cut and unflattering.” In contrast, he said, Cake Lingerie's pregnancy and breast-feeding bras and panties combine beauty and style with function and comfort; “giving pregnant and breastfeeding mothers the opportunity to feel feminine & celebrate motherhood.”

Montford chose the name Cake Lingerie due to similarities between the indulgent desert and beautiful lingerie. “Cake is fun, rich, satisfying and delicious. With that in mind we came up with the name Cake Lingerie,” said Hyams.

The most unique aspect of the brand's product, he said, is its cut. “All of the maternity bras on the market, even today, seem to be imposing [or high-cut]. There is reason for that; the bra needs to provide support. However, with the introduction of some key technological features, we've managed to give the cup a lower profile, [or lower-cut], while maintaining support and function, providing versatility of outerwear to the wearer.”

He reported that the company's latest collection, titled A Slice of Heaven, incorporates even more development than its previous collection, and is able to accommodate larger-cupped women. Included are the three different bra and panty color-ways Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies and Cream and Frosted Almond. The names are modeled after the shades used in each style; Strawberry Shortcake is light-pink polka dot, Frosted Almond is vintage vanilla lace over satin, and Cookies and Cream, the most popular colorway, consists of a blue and white plaid design. All of the bra cups are 100 percent cotton-lined, with internalized seams “to avoid irritation to sensitive breast tissue.”

While Hyams said season's trends were considered in designing A Slice of Heaven, it is not entirely based on these trends. “The new collection, as the previous, is inspired by classical, vintage glamour. Each style is created to meet the various needs and provide choice during this time [in a] woman's life.”

Hyams described the typical Cake Lingerie customer as a 28 to 40-year-old professional mother who is “looking for the finer things in life and recognizes quality. She may be having children a little later in life, and she isn't willing to compromise.”

For further information, e-mail Hyams at

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Published 09-17-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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