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A Delicious model. Delicious: SWAT. Delicious: SWAT. Delicious: Inferno devil.  Delicious: Inferno devil.
A Delicious model.

Added: Mar 2012
Delicious: SWAT.

Added: Apr 2011
Delicious: SWAT.

Added: Apr 2011
Delicious: Inferno devil.

Added: Apr 2011
Delicious: Inferno devil.

Added: Apr 2011

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current news

Sexywear Comes To New York

(Filed Under wholesale Costume News). Houman Salem, former CEO at Forplay, is adding a new flavor to the industry this January with the launch of Delicious. Partly inspired by his cross-country move to the Big Apple, Salem has designed a line of sexy lingerie and apparel that takes notes from New York City.

"Delicious is sexy-wear of New York," he recently explained. "A costume is what you buy when you are a kid. We don't do sexy costumes, we do sexy-wear. And now we're bringing it home to its rightful place in New York."

With most of the major sexy manufacturers situated in the Los Angeles area, Salem is proud to attach him name to one of the North East's first lines. "When I think of New York, I think of something a lot more elegant," he said. "I believe that for a brand to be successful in a difficult time, as well as with the changing society, it must be more conservative. Being sexy elegant is more profitable than being sexy trashy."

According to Salem, the new trademarked term sexywear describes the range of lingerie, costumes and apparel that make up Delicious. "We created a whole new category and your going to get from us all you would expect from a garment you wear clubbing or partying," he said. According to Salem, customers are looking for quality, fit and construction, and the introduction of sexy-wear provides this at an affordable cost. "You can be elegant and affordable," he said. "It doesn't need to be high priced."

In addition to the introduction of a new category of apparel, Salem feels his brand will find success through its ability to brand itself. All brands need a recognizable mark, he said, and therefore has developed an eye-catching logo to accompany it. Delicious will be branded with the silhouette of a woman (whom Salem interprets to symbolize Eve) sitting on top of a large apple (perhaps from the Garden of Eden?). "My interpretation of this is that Eve is vindicated," he said. "But it can be looked at in many other ways."

The critics may say that launching a new line in the midsts of an economic downturn is poor business decision, but Salem disagrees. "The inability to adapt will be the cause of the shake out for many companies," he said. "Those that will remain are going to be the ones that have unique selling propositions for the customer." Salem counts Delicious in this category. "The most important reason that a woman is buying sexy-wear is to achieve satisfaction," he said. "And she won't be too satisfied if its not up to par with her expectations."

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Published 11-24-2008 by Libby Dowd

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