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Photo: Romain Maurice Photo: Romain Maurice Photo: Romain Maurice Photo: Romain Maurice
Photo: Romain Maurice

Added: Feb 2022
Photo: Romain Maurice

Added: Feb 2022
Photo: Romain Maurice

Added: Feb 2022
Photo: Romain Maurice

Added: Feb 2022

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17-Year-Old Chloè Pearl’s New Lingerie

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). On February 11, as part of New York Fashion Week, 17-year-old TikTok and Instagram personality Chloè Pearl is presenting a runway show of her new “Marie Antoinette Collection,” which includes 11 different sets. BODY publisher Nick Monjo discussed the launch with the designer.

MONJO: I understand your first group is the Marie Antoinette Collection; what is the significance of that inspiration? And how does that relate to what is happening in the world of underwear right now?

CHLOE PEARL: Yes! The first collection launching is the Marie Antoinette Collection. This collection is very significant because Marie Antoinette was a very strong, powerful and bold young woman. Her qualities and accomplishments relate to the messages I strongly try to convey through Chloe Pearl Lingerie. She stood for beauty and strength. These are both two very essential parts of femininity, whether it be now or in the 1700s. This absolutely relates to what is happening in the world of lingerie right now. Brands are now focusing more on the person actually wearing the lingerie and how it makes them feel. Whether it makes them feel beautiful, powerful or sexy, it is less about who they could be wearing it for. It is about bringing women up and empowering them.

MONJO: I see that a webshop is in the works, I presume for sales directly to consumers. Will you be wholesaling the lingerie collection to retail shops as well? If so, what kinds of shops are you targeting? Department stores? Specialty stores?

CHLOE PEARL: Yes! The webshop will be direct to the consumer. I will not be wholesaling the lingerie collection to retail shops. I believe it is important to connect with customers and by doing it through my website ( is the best way I can imagine. It is also essential to me to have control over my brand’s image. Over time I can nurture and grow the relationship I have with my customers and that is exceptionally important to me.

MONJO: What is unique and different about your lingerie?

CHLOE PEARL: Chloe Pearl Lingerie is made with love and devotion from our all female team. Every product is hand made by a single seamstress in Miami, Florida. The quality of the lingerie is like no other. I personally spend months searching for the perfect color and quality I am envisioning. Every style in the Marie Antoinette collection is heavily inspired by the 90s. I began to be fascinated when I was younger by my mother’s and grandmother’s lingerie collections from the 90s. As I grew older, I noticed a gap in the market for styles like these, especially with inclusive sizing. Chloe Pearl Lingerie is unique because it is made for YOU and most importantly to make YOU feel beautiful. Many Women believe that you wear lingerie for others when you should wear it first for yourself. This message translates down to the designs, prints and comfortability of the lingerie.

MONJO: How does your “self-love mantra” relate to your lingerie?

CHLOE PEARL: My self-love mantra relates to my lingerie in so many ways! I have found that when I am wearing something that I feel good in, I always feel at my best and like I can take on anything and everything thrown at me. The same goes for lingerie. When someone is wearing lingerie for themselves it is truly the best form of self-care. This is because they are wearing something that they feel truly beautiful in for no one but themselves! My brand’s motto is “Be the Love of your Life.” This is my favorite quote and one I strongly convey through my brand. This is because it really says it all! I believe that you must be the love of your life and truly know your self worth before you can ever love anyone truly and vice versa. You must know what you deserve before you can ever expect anyone else too. Self-love is a journey and everyday I notice the ways I continuously grow into the best version of myself.

MONJO: Who are you designing your lingerie for?

CHLOE PEARL: I am designing my lingerie for anyone and everyone who wants to feel beautiful, confident and empowered. When I am designing lingerie, I always try to envision how wearing this piece would make me feel. Would it make me feel confident? Beautiful? Feminine? The intention I have when designing is to create pieces that truly make the person wearing it feel an overwhelming amount of self-love and feel like they have no need for validation from anyone else!

MONJO: How many pieces will be in the collection? What silhouettes will be included? Can you give some of the retail prices for the various pieces?

CHLOE PEARL: There are eleven sets in the collection. The Chloè Cami and Underwear set, which is our signature piece. This set is available in seven different colors- pink, rose gold, yellow, lavender, gold, mint and blue. The set is made from silk charmeuse fabric. The fabric drapes and flows gracefully over the body. The Juliet, bralette and underwear set is a sweet retro take on the 1990’s high rise brief. There is soft boning in the underwear for maximum support. The Violette Cami and Shorts set is made with soft lavender mesh and a unique baby blue lace trim. The versatile set is perfect for lounging around the house or even an at home photoshoot! The Rosalie bodysuit is our most inclusive style, with sizing up to XXL. The bodysuit is made from cotton silk and has a buttery soft quality that is truly a dream. Lastly, the Perla bra and underwear set is made with dainty white and pastel lace. The lace is very elegant and unique, just like a pearl. The price range is $120-$130 for a set.

MONJO: What materials are you using in the collection? What sizes will be offered?

CHLOE PEARL: There are many different materials being used in the collection! My favorite is the silk charmeuse fabric that the Chloè set is made in. I spent months searching for the seven colors I envisioned in the perfect color and quality. The Rosalie bodysuit is made from silk cotton. To say the least, I am obsessed! The silk cotton is so buttery soft, it makes you just want to curl up in bed and watch your favorite movie. I have been wearing the Rosalie bodysuit all the time with my favorite jeans and even sweats when I work from home or run errands. All of the fabrics and materials used in the collection are amazing quality, comfortable and soft. The size range for the Marie Antoinette Collection is S-XXL.

MONJO: Where is the collection being produced? Are you working with an industry partner on production?

CHLOE PEARL: The collection is being produced in Miami, Florida. I am not working with an industry partner on production. It was imperative to me that the collection was ethically produced. The seamstress who produces the whole collection is such an amazing, hard working woman. I enjoy working closely with a seamstress because I get to be involved in every step of production. It is also crucial to me that everyone on the team is paid fairly for their work and is able to support their families and life. By ethically producing the collection all of these important things are made possible!

MONJO: What else would you like to say about your collection and/or lingerie in general?

CHLOE PEARL: I would like to say that when you love yourself anything is possible. Never let anyone stop you from reaching your goals and also never let anyone stop you from being who you truly want to be. Everyday that you work on yourself, you grow into the best version of YOU.

Photo credit: Romain Maurice.

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Published 02-11-2022 by Nick Monjo

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17-Year-Old Chloè Pearl’s New Lingerie

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