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Dreamgirl Owner Barry Revzen Talks Hosiery

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). BODY publisher Nick Monjo interviewed Dreamgirl owner Barry Revzen about the company’s growing hosiery collection.

MONJO: I understand you have been selling more stockings than ever in recent months. Explain. I did not realize stockings were a specialty at Dreamgirl.

REVZEN: Hosiery has been an exceptionally strong category at Dreamgirl for many years. During this past year, we have experienced an impressive increase in lingerie as well as an increase in hosiery sales. Some would say that lingerie is incomplete without a pair of stockings and when lingerie sales increase, so do stocking sales.

MONJO: What’s behind your success? Price? Colors? Design?

REVZEN: At Dreamgirl we are always looking at the total package, be it hosiery or lingerie. Quality, design and price. That is the magic trifecta! We offer the basic hosiery styles that are an essential to every woman’s wardrobe, and we also have specialty fashion hosiery. The basic styles are a staple to any store’s business and this year they seem more in demand than ever before. Our specialty fashion hosiery is also selling exceedingly well, because they feature unique, intricate details, be it a pair of pantyhose with a faux boot-like look with a lace up back design or a pair of stockings with an intricate knitted top band that attaches to a coordinating knitted garter belt. They are sexy, fun and very unique. They lend themselves perfectly for everyday wear or for adding a bit of drama when wearing them, either at home or out for a night on the town. Our stockings come in a wide range of varied designs and colors with many of our fashion and basic styles offered in both regular size and plus size to ensure there is a style for every customer, by fulfilling her vision of “the look” she is seeking. The secret behind our success is combining exquisite designs with quality fabrics, and all at compelling price points which will make the entire experience great for our customers!

MONJO: I always thought of stockings as something of a commodity. What’s different?

REVZEN: Stockings are surely a commodity to the lingerie and fashion industry. Basic stocking styles are sold at rapid rates, yearly. However, the fashion specialty stockings are the showpieces and the impulse purchases for consumers. A consumer is not only going to a website to purchase a basic fishnet. They are looking to shop for something special, be it a gorgeous piece of lingerie or an elaborately designed sexy pair of stockings, pantyhose, body stockings or garter dresses. And they are adding this hosiery to their carts, impulsively. It creates that “must have” moment and finishes off their look and their order.

MONJO: Can you list a couple of particularly popular styles?

REVZEN: Some of our exciting new hosiery styles include style 0367. A fun mix of textures, which creates the illusion of a sheer thigh-hi stocking with a wide fence-net knit at the upper thigh. This pantyhose style also has an opaque hi-cut panty knitted into the design. No need to wear an additional panty under these hose. Style 0369 is a new take on the fence net basic style pantyhose. We took the common design of fence net and doubled it to give a more on trend contemporary feel. Style 0321 is a take on the sheer thigh high stocking, but has an added edgy detail, with a sheer striped elastic patterned top to modernize a basic sheer stocking and gives the leg a little bit of allure. This is definitely a meant to be seen detail. One of our new fashion specialty stocking styles is style 0371. This style features a knitted crisscross design and fishnet suspender knitted garter-belt. This style has the versatility for the crisscross pattern to be worn in either the front or the back, depending on the look that the customer wants to create. Body stockings, garter dresses, and teddy stockings are also included in Dreamgirl’s specialty line. We are known for our on-trend fashion forward designs in this category. However, I don’t want to fail to mention the extraordinary success we are seeing in our hosiery basics like styles 0005, 0007, 0001, 0015, to name just a few, which are in such high demand year-round, we are constantly ordering more inventory in the tens of thousands monthly.

MONJO: What are your plans going forward for the stocking’s category at Dreamgirl?

REVZEN: Our plans going forward, are to grow this category by maintaining our high-quality standards, while keeping our compelling price points and constantly flowing in new and exciting designs. Our Black Diamond hosiery is one of our strongest selling categories and our designers are constantly searching for the next trend that we can interpret and integrate into our exciting line of hosiery products. I guess I can say “stay tuned for more exciting hosiery designs from Dreamgirl!”

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Published 03-01-2021 by Nick Monjo

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