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Dreamgirl Holiday 2021 Dreamgirl Holiday 2021 Dreamgirl Holiday 2021 Dreamgirl Holiday 2021
Dreamgirl Holiday 2021

Added: Nov 2021
Dreamgirl Holiday 2021

Added: Nov 2021
Dreamgirl Holiday 2021

Added: Nov 2021
Dreamgirl Holiday 2021

Added: Nov 2021

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Interview: Dreamgirl’s Barry Revzen Reports

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Barry Revzen, president of Dreamgirl, recently acquired the company from the Chinese owner. In this interview, conducted in late December, BODY publisher Nick Monjo asked about the transition, the pandemic, and Halloween.

MONJO: How are your holiday sales going?

REVZEN: This season we have seen lingerie sales continue to exceed our expectations as our customers look for something special to liven up their stores and ecomm sites during the holiday season. In order to manage this surge in sales, we made the decision to support our customers by flying in additional stock of our best-selling holiday styles so they won’t miss out on the “must haves” for the season.

MONJO: In retrospect, how did Halloween turn out for Dreamgirl?

REVZEN: Like most costume/wig companies, we weren’t sure what would happen with Halloween…if it happened at all! In the end, we had a much better than expected Halloween…selling out of almost all our wigs and many of our costumes. It was a good season.

MONJO: What is the implication for next Halloween?

REVZEN: We have already started previewing Halloween 2021 with many of our customers. Almost all of them had a surprisingly strong Halloween…sold through a lot of product both new and old. This opens dollars for them to buy into new styles and refresh their floors in a meaningful way. Almost all of them expressed optimism about Halloween 2021, and I feel the same. The stores will be ready to buy and fill their stores with newness and the customers will want to celebrate like never before! Once we get past the worst and receive the vaccine, I think most people will be looking to savor the moments they took for granted…and celebrating Halloween is one of them

MONJO: The pandemic has, from many reports, generated an uptick in casual clothing and loungewear. Have you noticed those changes, or any others, in terms of what impact the pandemic has had on the types of lingerie that consumers are favoring?

REVZEN: We have had an excellent year in our lingerie division. Our hanging and boxed lingerie have had a strong increase over last year. I believe that living during the virus and having to stay sequestered with no opportunity to go out to dinner or to a movie or sporting event…. The fun activities had to begin at home, and often in the bedroom. Our largest growth has come in our packaged bedroom costumes and fetish lines. We are seeing 50-75% sales increase on almost all of our styles in these categories!

MONJO: Any other trends or categories that you expect to take off into the new year?

REVZEN: What we have also noticed, is not so much a category, but our new product offerings, be it in our Fall/Holiday Collection or our newly launched Collection 2021, have immediately percolated to the top of our selling charts. Over these past 10 months, the stores have been buying our lines…and based on reorders have been selling through the product. So now to keep their customers coming back they need to refresh their offerings, more than usual, with newness! We are already placing reorders on our new 2021 Collection, due to the high demand for this product.

MONJO: With the Covid vaccine on the horizon, what are your predictions for 2021?

REVZEN: As a country we will probably not feel the effects of the vaccine until late summer/early fall. However, everyone always says that lingerie is recession proof…well now we see it is also pandemic proof. We strongly believe that 2021 will be a great year for both lingerie and costumes. Even with money being tight for some, lingerie is a relatively inexpensive purchase to bring fun…and a little spice into your life. And Halloween 2021, if all goes well with the vaccine distribution, I believe people will want to celebrate like never before. Halloween is on a Sunday, and I feel that the entire weekend will be filled with parties. We take a lot for granted, but now with what we have all experienced, I think that people will celebrate with a new found enthusiasm.

MONJO: You acquired Dreamgirl from Frank Chen some months ago. What changes have you made? What is different about the company? What remains the same.

REVZEN: Since buying the company I have worked very hard to ensure that the company is in top shape. Initially due to the virus, we put some goods on hold when we had to close down, but since then we have flown in much of our product and we have never been in such an amazing inventory position. I believe we are in an excellent position that our customers are seeing and they will continue to see a better flow of goods from Dreamgirl than ever before in the past. Besides inventory, we are also working diligently on development and on new product. Our lines are getting better and better and we feel our customers are seeing the best of our products. We are also adding a supplemental line to our selection which will be offered to our customers shortly. The line will consist of bedroom costumes, fetish and hosiery. This is something we have never done before and something that we feel will truly benefit all who buy these goods. Unfortunately, we were forced to make some cuts due to the coronavirus, but ultimately that has strengthened our position and helped with the profitability of the company. Due to the cutbacks everyone at DG is working harder and taking on more and more work; we are leaner than we have ever been. That has allowed us to offer goods at the same or similar prices as before, even though the prices in China have been rising quickly, we have managed to keep our prices the same as in the past. This is a huge benefit to our customers and to their retail sales.

MONJO: As we head into 2021 do you have any more comments about the direction of DG going forward?

REVZEN: We will continue to build on our successes. The Dreamgirl line has evolved over the past few years as our customer base has become more varied. Within each line we strive to create offerings that will satisfy our diverse base of customers. We will also be offering more marketing tools that can be used both for our brick and mortar as well as our ecomm customers. And of course, we will continue our focus on transitioning all of our packaging to sustainable product.

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Published 01-19-2021 by Nick Monjo

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