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Added: Dec 2020

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Interview: FinallyBra Founder Elizabeth Wang

Elizabeth Wang and FinallyBra styles.
Elizabeth Wang and FinallyBra styles.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). FinallyBra, a long established bra producer with strong sales, is looking to expand its wholesale business in the U.S. in 2021. In this interview, BODY associate publisher Ted Vayos discussed plans with founder Elizabeth Wang, an IT-engineer-turned CPA, who found her “ultimate passion in bra design and engineering.”

After struggling to find “supportive and fitted bras” for her own use, she has now, over the past decade, “helped women all over the world conquer their widely varying bra-fitting issues.” Her design and engineering background, allowed her to see what “was needed to revolutionize the bra industry to offer the most fitted and versatile solutions for women.”

VAYOS: Tell us about your plans for wholesale.

WANG: We are actively seeking a complete transition to wholesale business. Currently our products are only online through our web store: We have no plan of discounting our products. We also have one discontinued product on Amazon which will eventually go down when the inventory dries out. Our two-tiered pricing schedule can be seen on this page.

VAYOS: Describe the brand.

WANG: In the current culture of unrealistic body image ideals, women’s intimates are not designed with sufficient function to meet the needs of naturally shaped women. FinallyBra was founded with a mission of serving the overlooked majority of women who can benefit from a side support and push in bra that eliminates back and armpit fat and provides a one-of-kind solution for women of all shapes and sizes. Known for its super supportive and lifting designs with push in and push up technology, FinallyBra has pioneered performance bras that prevent and eliminate body bulges under the arms and along the back line during the past years. To make our products great, we’ve talked to women all over the world, and listened to their feedback. We’ve recorded and compiled every piece of information they provided and involved them in every step of our design process. We’ve developed unique technologies and revolutionized the undergarment industry by offering a truly new approach to comfort, beauty and good health. Along with our amazing manufacturing partners, we normally test over 50 versions of stereotypes and track the performance of each over hundreds of women of various sizes before mass production to finally present products that provide maximum versatility, practicality, functionality, and comfort.

VAYOS: How is it unique to the other offerings in this segment?

WANG: FinallyBra is a solution to side boobs, back and body bulges, and saggy breasts! It defies not just gravity but also bulges of all types, and its innovative technology embraces realism and nixes armpit fat and back bulges with a chic approach to real support and extreme comfort, while offering the utmost versatility for women’s lifestyle and multiple ways to wear!

VAYOS: How many stores are you currently selling your products? Where can we find them in the United States?

WANG: Right now online through We currently have one discontinued item selling on Amazon, which will be close out soon. We have no plan to continue selling on Amazon.

VAYOS: Who is the target customer?

WANG: All women who desire to have a shapely figure, specifically those who have needs to banish or prevent underarm bulges (armpit fat) and back fat, and prefer strong support and lift of the front.

VAYOS: What different styles are available?

WANG: Strapless and everyday bras, shape underwear. All are equally popular.

VAYOS: What are your size ranges and colors”

WANG: Bra: band size from 32 to 48. Cup size from A to H. Underwear: XS to XXXXL. Colors are nude and black.

VAYOS: Tell us about your packaging.

WANG: We carefully pack orders with boxes of strong stacking strength, with extra packing material and methods to prevent damage from shipping and weather.

VAYOS: Do you have a minimum order?

WANG: Our minimum order is $500. Pricing is based on tiers. Normal turn around time is three business days. For additional information, please refer to link:

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Published 01-19-2021 by Ted Vayos

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Interview: FinallyBra Founder Elizabeth Wang

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