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Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016

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Daisy Corsets: Highly Successful Mask Line

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Daisy Corsets has “become a very established face mask company in the seven months that we have been in this market,” according to co-owner Jennifer Reynolds. “With one of the largest collections of wholesale face masks on the market.”

The mask line was added to the company’s collection of corsets and lingerie in April, and has grown to “over 350 designs available. We have our year-round styles, basic solid colors, as well as seasonal and holiday masks.” Wholesale prices range from $4 to $5 and sizes include “little kids (ages 2+), Youth, Adult and XLarge.” There is a 50 piece minimum order for retailers and the company ships “all in stock face mask orders within 24-48 hours.” Contact

“Our target customer is absolutely anyone,” emphasized Reynolds. “We wanted our face mask collection to be all-inclusive.”

“We really went all-in on our fabric face mask line. We sourced high quality fabrics that met all CDC guidelines for fabric face coverings. We source unique fabrics for our line, as well as design new styles every single day. We wanted to have a collection of face masks that would appeal to all types of retailers.”

There is an extensive variety of styles. “Our seasonal and holiday masks are fantastic sellers! Besides that, we sell a lot of sequin and glitter masks, patriotic and floral. We have pretty much every color you could think of! Black is our most popular color, followed by Dark Grey, Dark Red, Dark Purple and Pink.”

She continued: “We have hundreds of prints available. Depending on the time of year, our most popular prints have been Patriotic, Butterflies, Floral and Astrology prints.”

“We have packaging available for retailers who require it. We learned pretty early on that each retailer had different ways of displaying our masks. Some retailers prefer to display our masks laying flat or hanging, not in packaging. Since most of our masks have really unique prints or fabrics, they display and sell very well out of packaging so customers can see the entire mask. For those customers that require packaging, we offer clear hanging bags with a size sticker on them.”

Reynolds acknowledged that “face masks are such an easy sell right now!,” but added this advice for retailers: “we highly recommend having them somewhere very visible. Most retailers are displaying them at checkout. On a hanging rack either table-top or standing. And make sure your staff is wearing them! So when you get the comment “I love your mask!,” your staff can direct them to the assortment that you are selling in your stores. We have had reports of single retail stores selling hundreds of masks per week. It all depends on your foot traffic in your stores. But every single person walking through your door is a potential face mask customer. We also recommend bringing in new styles often. We have also heard reports of extremely high repeat customer rates for retailers since carrying our masks.”

Reynolds concluded, “our brand has a very high repeat customer rate. So if consumers are buying our face masks from you, and they know that you bring in new styles every week, or every two weeks, they will come back to your store(s) to see the newest designs.”

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