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Sermija from Valens Sermija from Valens Sermija from Valens Sermija from Valens Ewa Bien from Valens
Sermija from Valens

Added: Jan 2022
Sermija from Valens

Added: Jan 2022
Sermija from Valens

Added: Jan 2022
Sermija from Valens

Added: Jan 2022
Ewa Bien from Valens

Added: Aug 2020

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Corin’s Virginia 21871 And 20871 Bras Profiled

The wireless Virginia 21871 bra.
The wireless Virginia 21871 bra.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Corin, the Polish bra brand distributed in the U.S. by Valens Lingerie, now offers two version of its popular Virginia bra, model 21871, a wireless bra designed for everyday wear or exercising; and model 20871, an ultra-lightweight nursing bra.

Model 21871 is “ideal for women with high sensitivity to pressure,” according to the company. “Women choose this design because it attends to breast health concerns, provides exceptional comfort, and is optimal for physical activity.”

There are three key elements to this bra. “First, Corin’s no-wire design has a distinctive construction. It is made of specialized and knitted fabrics, which, despite the lack of stiffening, perfectly emphasize and keep the breasts in the optimal position. Thanks to this innovative structure, the bra creates the ideal silhouette” and “streamlined fit on the body.” The bra can be worn “for any occasion, and it will not restrict movement like other more traditional bras. A well-fitting, non-wired bra works well both as sports underwear and everyday wear.”

“Second, Corin’s soft, no-wire cups are breathable and create a silhouette that complements the shape of the breast, without irritating the skin. Third, the traditional underwire has been replaced by a delicate, undetectable piping. Not only does this piping provide support, but it also masks and soothes the seam. Wide tapes around the edge of the bra spread the pressure evenly, without causing local abrasions. The lower part of the bra, made of soft corset tulle, is flexible and comfortable, allowing the wearer to maintain shape and size. The transparency of the tulle gives an ultra-feminine touch to the design without sacrificing comfort or practicality.” The bra comes with matching panties.

Corin’s nursing bra, Virginia 20871, was created “based on the success of Virginia 17871,” another popular style. “Modern and comfortable underwear for a nursing mother is an indispensable element of her wardrobe” and should provide “not only a feeling of comfort and convenience, but above all, proper hygiene for a mother and her child.”

The new nursing bra uses a “three-dimensional material” for the spacer, and “protects the bust from loss of firmness and stretch marks and provides comfortable support to nursing mothers,” Corin explained. “The innovative bra has a thermoformed cup, which consists of three layers of textile surfaces. Between the layers of the fabric, there is three-dimensional soft foam. The bowl of the bra uses modern technology so that the fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking.”

“Virginia 20871 is lightweight, supportive, and comfortable for both the mother and the child. The bra is undetectable under clothes and perfectly adapts to the shape of the breast, thanks to the smooth surface design. The cups are attached to the straps with clips certified by OEKOTEX ecological products, thus guaranteeing safety and no risk to the health of the user. The clasp mechanism allows for a simple way of fastening and unfastening the bra with one hand. The internal cotton reinforcement of the bowl provides breasts with additional delicacy and, thanks to the stable attachment to the straps, it supports the bra during feeding. It is being produced in beige and black.” Contact: or (610) 400-8460).

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