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Monique Morin: Doing Well Despite Challenges

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). BODY associate publisher Ted Vayos interviewed lingerie designer Monique Morin about her collection and how she is coping with the pandemic.

VAYOS: Where do you see your growth?

MORIN: From the start of the brand, wholesale has played a significant part in our success and continues to be a segment of our business that we see potential to develop and invest in. The quality and well-designed construction of our pieces are better appreciated in person through the touch and feel of the fabric. The concept and development behind our products are designed with close care and a keen eye, which is something customers expect to find in specialty stores.

We are currently looking for sales agents to help extend our brand into the West Coast and Midwest areas. We are welcome to recommendations and applications.

We also see growth potential in size range expansion, larger cups and larger bands. I am excited to announce that we are bringing the size 2X in all the new collections starting in August. We are also bringing “curvy sizes” with larger cups in our assortment later this fall. We will continue to expand the size range to appropriately supply as we receive the demand.

VAYOS: You have an online shop. Do you think this is compatible with the growth of your wholesale business?

MORIN: I can understand why this would be a concern for some distributors. We see our online presence as a marketing tool to build our brand image and as a precious source of direct customer feedback. I have been developing product for 20 years and I can say I have learned tremendously over the past 18 months, while helping my staff respond to customers’ requests. The market is changing fast and I think it is important to stay connected in all possible ways. Social media has also been a valuable source in predicting market trends and helping develop the right product for our distributors.

VAYOS: How about promotions?

MORIN: I see discounts as a devaluation to a brand. Once you go there, there is no coming back. We actually enforce a minimum retail price across all retailers that sell our products online. Our items are fairly priced, and I will continue to stand behind maintaining a full price strategy. To give you an idea, our bralettes wholesale prices start at $20 for a designer bralette. We are always happy to receive emails and phone calls on information inquires.

VAYOS: Have you been affected by the pandemic and how are you responding?

MORIN: We haven’t been spared. We have received P.O. cancellations and requests to postpone shipments and payments. We are all in this together and I see the situation as a way to build stronger relationships with our clients. We are here to support and help.

As far as adapting our operational model to the order of social distancing, we’ve implemented remote work for our entire staff in March of this year. Prior to the pandemic, we were operating on a hybrid model, where a portion of our staff was working from home, and COVID-19 accelerated the change.

We have been able to maintain excitement and keep up with producing engaging visual. We are very grateful for our photographers, models, and influencer partners who found creative ways to provide visual content for us during this difficult time. A special shout out to model, Bella Donna (Kansas City), and photographer, Camilo E Morales (Maryland), who have helped us refresh our marketing when we needed it the most. You can see their work in BODY Magazine.

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Published 07-26-2020 by Ted Vayos

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