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Monique Morin: Body Enhancing Lingerie

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). “For decades, we asked women to have the perfect body to fit into ideal clothes,” began Monique Morin in a recent discussion with BODY. “Obviously, it should be the other way around. We need well-made lingerie that enhance the body.”

“A good fit starts with quality components and materials to properly enhance the silhouette,” she continued. “My designs stand out by the attention to a 360 degree construction. Unlike commercial brands, I don’t design products that look good on a hanger or would make a good front view shot on e-commerce platforms. I design for the wearer to look fabulous and feel confident from all angles.”

This distinct perspective has allowed Morin to establish herself a prominent position in the designer lingerie space. But it has not been a short journey for her. “I worked for 18 years as a lingerie designer for other brands before launching my own. That is a long time! While launching my label always been the ultimate goal, I knew I had so much to learn. About retail, the customer experience, marketing, finance. I am a perfectionist and came to the realization I would never “feel” ready. So in 2016, I decided to make the jump and left an amazing leadership position part of the L Brands group. My career back then was rewarding in the sense I had great creative influence on the product, had a brilliant team and fantastic collaborators. But I felt I had a greater responsibility. The responsibility that goes beyond designing and actually helping people see their unique beauty, by breaking the unhealthy standards imposed by a long time male led industry.”

Morin created her own strategy for the navigating the challenging retail environment, even before the pandemic hit. “I think we just need to listen carefully to what our customers and knowledgeable distributors have to say and give them what they want. What we understand is the importance of leading with high quality product fairly priced. We impose minimum retail pricing and don’t allow online markdowns. This protects the value of our brand and the investment of our distributors. This is how we have been leading from the start and it allowed us to build loyalty. All our distributors have been placing repeat orders and so are our direct consumers.”

“I think the era of mass production was in decline prior to the pandemic and the change has just been accelerated. People want products that make them feel special and that is what we have to offer as a designer brand producing in limited quantities.”

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