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Hooked On Sustainability With Eyes To The Future

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Sustainability is the most important new consideration in the production of apparel, and Texco, a leading global manufacturer of hook and eye tape, has taken a lead role.

“These days there’s a lot of interest in, and emphasis on, planet health. As more and more businesses begin the discussion, Texco is already writing the book on what sustainability and green practices look like,” according to the company. “Family-owned and operated since 1969, Texco has always had an eye to the future. Formalizing the commitment just made sense.”

“Sustainability isn’t a buzz word at Texco,” stated Claudia Poppe, director of sales and marketing, U.S.A. “It’s a core value. It’s actually a very different way of thinking so everything and everyone at every level is affected in some way.”

“Sustainability is the backbone of Texco’s development and growth. It’s integrated into all areas of operations from business strategies, to procurement, product development and production processes. Texco also works with partners and customers to spread the word and help change the world for future generations.”

“Texco has a three-part approach to sustainable development — people, planet, and profit. Each has specific components and goals; together they help create Texco’s path to a better tomorrow. People are the reason for sustainability, and they are the ones who will discover the solutions to make it ongoing. Texco wants good people. To attract and retain them, Texco provides superior team building and training opportunities, ensures a safe, healthy work environment and fosters a motivating culture that leads to product innovation and a ‘green’ mindset. The company is highly committed to industry education which ensures a continuum of expertise for the future. And it is invested in local communities, helping improve quality of life by supporting programs and enrichment activities as well as through financial gifts.”

“Planet Earth is our home. Texco embraced its responsibilities to the natural world early on and has implemented measures to minimize its environmental impact. Traditional processes have been changed and new projects are in place including coating insulation for dyeing machines, variable speed drives for air compressors, energy saving illumination and wastewater recycling. Aggressive green goals are continually set, met and exceeded because Texco gets it.”

“Profit encompasses Texco’s promise to deliver high quality and value at its eco-friendly plants. A passion for measuring and monitoring helps ensure resource optimization and that all industry standards are met. Local programs are developed in collaboration with local governments and Texco is in compliance with customer environmental requirements throughout the world. By embracing sustainability, Texco is changing the way its people think and live to help achieve a sustainable future for the world.”

“Texco is a vertically integrated, global manufacturing leader for the intimate apparel industry, offering a wide range of products such as hook and eye tape (including Soft Edge), warp knit fabrics and dyeing services.”

For information, contact Claudia Poppe at 864-230-5319, or visit

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