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Claudel Reaveals Plans For Casual Moments

Three Casual Moments styles as sold on
Three Casual Moments styles as sold on

(Filed Under wholesale Sleepwear News). Over the summer Claudel Lingerie Inc., which comprises different chains of retail stores in Canada, as well as several wholesale brands, acquired Casual Moments, formerly owned by Art Flory. Now that the loungewear brand, which was originally based in California, has been integrated into the parent company, BODY publisher Nick Monjo interview Claudel’s Anny-Claude Lapierre about future plans for the brand.

MONJO: When did Claudel officially take over Casual Moments?

LAPIERRE: September 3rd, 2019.

MONJO: Are you carrying forward all of the existing styles that Casual Moments was offering as of September?

LAPIERRE: We are carrying most of the Casual Moments collection, where we sell directly to the consumer with Amazon and to different brick and mortar shops in the West Coast area. We offer a few fashion and stylish robes as well as the basic and classic bed jackets, zip robes and wrap robes.

MONJO: Can you summarize the Casual Moments collection in terms of consumer, sizing, pricing?

LAPIERRE: Casual Moments offers timeless and classic sleepwear, bed jacks and robes, all in a wide selection of style and colors. Targeted to a mature consumer, each style is designed and manufactured to its clientele’s standards for comfort, softness and quality, while conforming to all body types (size scale ranges from S-3X). Wholesale prices will vary between $20.25 and $45.00.

MONJO: Are you adding new styles to the collection? If so When?

LAPIERRE: We will be re-cutting good performing styles and colors while adding new trending and seasonal styles as of Fall 2020. And adding seasonal colors.

MONJO: Can you describe any new additions, and describe the new pieces in detail, with sizing, colors and pricing?

LAPIERRE: It is still a work in progress, but we do have a plan to add new styles of robes in a variety of colors and prints. We plan to launch the new products by Fall 2020. One of the additions will be a spa collection. Textiles would vary from terry cloth to 100% polyester water absorbant fabric.

MONJO: What does the takeover mean to the Casual Moments brand? What are the advantages for your retail partners?

LAPIERRE: The owners of Casual Moments are ready to slowly retire in order to spend time with their family and to travel. We took this opportunity to combine Casual Moments with Claudel to help expand our selling points across the United-States with their existing accounts. We plan to update the brand’s image by including it on our website, which is soon to be transactional.

For our retail partners, this takeover will result is new buying opportunities, as they will be introduced to our Claudel / Comfort & Co line. Ordering is simplified as they are all processed under one roof, as for customer service and accounts payable.

MONJO: Will you have Casual Moments at the next Curve show?

LAPIERRE: Yes, we will be bringing samples to the Curve show in New York this February, as well to Project Women in Las Vegas the following week.

MONJO: Are you putting Casual Moments into your stores?

LAPIERRE: No. Casual Moments is being sold only in the United States.

MONJO: Can you tell us the names of a few shops that already carry Casual Moments?

LAPIERRE: Different hospital gift shops hold the Casual Moments line, such as the Ste. Jude Medical Center, Community Gift Shop in Montenegro and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Other stores such as The Lassie (CA), Irene’s (CA) and Romantique (OR) have had this the line for many years now.

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Published 12-23-2019 by Nick Monjo

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