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The Science Behind Corin’s ‘Virginia’ Bra

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Corin, the Polish lingerie producer, has introduced a “new generation,” ultra light, bra, the Virginia, style number 17871.

“This innovative bra has a thermally molded cup, which consists of three layers of textile surfaces,” explained Tatyana Ponomareva of Valens lingerie, the Corin U.S. distributor, and owner of the Pennsylvania specialty shop, Bra Spectrum. “Between the layers of fabric there is a three-dimensional soft foam. Virginia’s cup is made utilizing modern technology and is permeable to liquid and allows skin to breathe.”

“Corin’s Virginia bra adapts flawlessly to the shape of breasts, is very light, provides excellent support and is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the smooth surface of Virginia’s cups the bra is not visible under T-shirt designed tops. The classic Virginia model is an excellent choice for women who appreciate minimalism and comfort — beauty in simplicity.”

The bra is available in sizes: 30 DEFGHI, 32 CDEFGHIJ, 34 BCDEFGHI, 36 BCDEFGH, 38 BCDEFG, 40 BCDEF, 42 BCDE, 44 BCD.

According to Ponomareva, “Corin is a recognized brand of lingerie that specializes in the production of bras for women with larger breasts. For 24 years, Corin has been assigning emphasis to the need to tailor the proper bra fit. Corin conducted a unique study on the subject of a ‘perfect bra’ — ideal for a woman’s health — and results of that study are implemented in production.”

“The multistage research took eighteen months,” the distributor continued. “The project started with specifying pressure points on a 3D model of the female chest. This was done with a high-tech professional computer program (used in digital simulations such as the construction of jet engines). Additionally, Corin utilized high sensitivity ‘therm-o-vision’ cameras that are capable of detecting the slightest temperature differences. First models of the new bra based on that data helped in examination of the bra’s cup projections and in performing another 3D simulation. Only after all those steps, the bra with the new and improved shape began to arise.”

Finally, according to Ponomareva, “the bra was tested by a group of women of various age and breast size. Young women as well as mothers took part in the test. To date, Corin appears to be the first company in the world, for the sake of women’s health, that has taken on carrying out this fully innovative and pro-healthy research, leading social responsibility in business.” She emphasized that the company created the new bras, “not only based on experience and subjective women feelings, but by utilizing objective research and data analysis.” On an ongoing basis, she continued, Corin uses scientific data to “annually refine the shape of healthy and safe bras. Corin’s perfect bra is the result of the combination of rich knowledge and years of experience by the design team, scientists and doctors.”

“Corin lingerie’s safety is based on advanced construction technologies and carefully selected production materials,” she explained. “Due to high standards, the bras also work in harmony with the body and do not cause any unwanted reactions. This will guarantee health and everyday comfort along with balance and well-being in a woman’s life. Optimally fitted cup shape does not cause unnecessary pressure, relieves stress and tensions, is safe for health and comfortable while wearing. The overview of this research, which was funded by the European Union, can be viewed by audiences from over 200 countries around the world through Discovery Science television.” She added that Corin “organizes proper bra fitting campaigns for clients in bra shops throughout Poland” on an annual basis.

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