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Added: Oct 2019

Added: Oct 2019

Added: Oct 2019

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Interview: Hot Flowers Lingerie From Brazil

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Hot Flowers is a long-established Brazilian producer of intimate apparel and related products, that is expanding its sales in the U.S. BODY associate publisher Ted Vayos interviewed the company’s Alex Enumo (, 954 762 7933).

VAYOS: What can you tell us about your brand?

ENUMO: Hot Flowers is a Brazilian brand, 16 years in the market, one of the largest factories in Latin America in the segment of sensual products. Currently, it produces more than one million items per month, always seeking to combine quality with technology and well-being. Our products are made from premium quality raw materials and some unique ingredients in the market that are found only in tropical climates.

The designers of the lingerie and costume department use the Brazilian woman’s sensuality as inspiration, highlighting the feminine curves that are praised worldwide and which make it possible to place the Hot Flowers brand among the main ones in the market.

For the American market, the strategy we adopted from this when we started operating in 2016 was to offer unique or differentiated products and, with the results we are achieving, shows us that the strategy was right. We have all the administrative, logistics, commercial and financial infrastructure located in Orlando, FL.

VAYOS: How is it unique to the other offerings in this segment?

ENUMO: Our goal is to enhance women’s femininity with unique designs where feminine sensuality is portrayed through the sharp and sensual cuts of our models. We want our customers, when they wear our products to feel valued and desired, to feel empowered and master their destiny. I think this is the biggest difference we are bringing to this market and [this approach] has already established itself in other markets we serve.

VAYOS: What is the target customer?

ENUMO: We try to keep in mind that specialty, independent and main street stores are the ideal places for our products. In these stores, sellers can explore all the sensuality that our models offer to meet the expectation that the customer has about their desires, that means, who are seeking something different in the market, for a special occasion, where sensuality can be explored. As much as possible with your partner. Our styles are designed to give women the feeling of empowerment so she can feel attractive and desired.

VAYOS: What are the wholesale price point ranges?

ENUMO: Our products have a price range according to the garment’s category. For example, a g-string can cost anywhere from $3 up to a plus size costume or a bondage dress around $15. The concept we seek to adopt when setting prices is to provide the shopkeeper with a possibility of real gain, that is, we must give everyone the possibility [to achieve value], whether the shopkeeper or the consumer. The rule is clear, it must be win-win for everyone.

VAYOS: What different styles are available?

ENUMO: We have a wide range of women styles from panties, g-string, crotchless, body, boy shorts, dress, bondage, costumes and more. For men, we also have boxers, trunks, and costumes.

VAYOS: What are your most popular styles?

ENUMO: Our most popular styles are panties, g-string, crotchless and costumes.

VAYOS: What are your size ranges?

ENUMO: Our entire portfolio has two sizes available: one size fits all and, plus size. But in most models the size is adjustable. All product labels have a size chart.

VAYOS: What colors are available? Most popular color?

ENUMO: The available colors for the panties, g-string and crotchless are: red, black, white and blue.

VAYOS: What does your packaging look like?

ENUMO: Thinking about the consumer, we bring another great differential to the market. Our products have a transparent and rigid packaging (clamshell), [allowing] the consumer to have visual access to the product without having to open the box, always highlighting the label with images that faithfully portray the product on a beautiful model.

For lingerie, we have two options, it can be delivered in a beautiful heart-shaped packaging or just in the poly bag.

VAYOS: Do you have a minimum order?

ENUMO: Yes, for lingerie, the minimum order is 10 pieces for each model and color. For costumes, we have no minimum order.

VAYOS: What is the normal turn-a-round time for orders?

ENUMO: Our warehouse is located in Orlando, FL. We seek to ship within 24 hours. For bulk orders, the lead time is usually 30 days, but we have a history of early delivery.

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Published 10-27-2019 by Ted Vayos

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Interview: Hot Flowers Lingerie From Brazil

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