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Walking Jack: Men’s Underwear From Greece

(Filed Under wholesale Men's Underwear News). Walking Jack is a new men’s underwear brand. BODY associate publisher interviewed the company’s Thanos Giagtzis. Contact for the brand is, +302310403493’

VAYOS: When was this company started?

GIAGTZIS: Walking Jack launched in December 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is only nine months old but the brand is growing in popularity among men, especially in Europe.

VAYOS: Do you retail online?

GIAGTZIS: Yes, the official e-shop of Walking Jack can be found at The online shop launched together with the brand in December last year. We offer worldwide shipping with standard registered post and a fast delivery option.

VAYOS: How many stores are you currently wholesaling Walking Jack?

GIAGTZIS: At this point we are in nine stores. Six of them are based in Europe and the other three in Australia.

VAYOS: How is this product different than what is already out there in the marketplace?

GIAGTZIS: We worked on patterns and designs for many years. We like to say that Walking Jack offers underwear that goes the distance. We recreated the classic underwear design for the modern man using the best materials available. Even though this sounds a bit general, let’s break it down to some specific details. Our Core and Solid lines feature a contoured pouch that offers space exactly where men need it most. Moreover, the pouch is single-ply because modern men need underwear that is breathable so they stay cool for longer. Every single seam in these two lines is flat lock to avoid any irritation against the skin. The washing instructions label is woven and super soft so it doesn’t irritate the skin and our size label is removable by hand (made from a paper-like material) so it doesn’t damage the garment when you take it out. Our waistbands are sturdy and made to last and retain their shape longer. Our packaging is compostable and recyclable, made from paper and water soluble film. We eliminated plastic completely from the final product. Our tags are also made from paper and they attach on the garment with all natural string and safety pins.

VAYOS: What are your wholesale price points?

GIAGTZIS: We keep wholesale prices between 8 and 9 euros depending on the style and collection.

VAYOS: What are your retail price points?

GIAGTZIS: Retail prices are between 20 and 23 euros. We strongly believe that quality underwear doesn’t need to cost a fortune for the shop to stock it and the final consumer to enjoy it.

VAYOS: Do you have MAP program?

GIAGTZIS: We want to keep all prices at the same level. We urge retailers to keep the retail price in line with the official e-store. This way we can prevent price wars between shops and avoid any conflicts. Discounts are allowed for a certain period of time and always in agreement with us.

VAYOS: What size ranges and colors are available?

GIAGTZIS: We currently offer four sizes: from Small to Extra Large. Our first collections feature black, white and blue. Together with those we offer multi color prints, made especially for Walking Jack.

VAYOS: What styles are available?

GIAGTZIS: We have briefs and trunks. Our briefs come in two styles: the Core Briefs and the Solid Briefs. Core is low rise, with a slim fit waistband that sits low around the hips to offer a contemporary and flattering silhouette. The Solid Briefs are medium rise, the waistband is made to be longer so it fits without restrictions right above your hips. The trunks also come in two distinctive styles: the Core Trunks and the Graphic Trunks. The Core trunks are low rise and feature a short leg. This is a contemporary take on boxer briefs that looks absolutely amazing on everyone. In the Graphic trunks we went for a more classic, boxer briefs, silhouette but we worked on the contouring of the pouch, the most important part of men’s underwear, so it gives support and space to the wearer.

VAYOS: What about fabrications?

GIAGTZIS: The Solid and Core lines are made from cotton (95%) and elastane (5%). The Graphic Line is made from a super soft microfiber with 10% elastane.

VAYOS: Do you offer packaging or hangers or both?

GIAGTZIS: We offer our products in a little box, designed and made for Walking Jack from one of the top graphic designers of Greece. There is though the option to send the packaging flat and separate to brick and mortar shops to save in shipping volume.

VAYOS: Where is this product made?

GIAGTZIS: All our products are designed in Greece and manufactured in Portugal.

VAYOS: Do you have any U.S. sales people or distributors?

GIAGTZIS: No, we don’t have and people currently working with us in the U.S.A.

VAYOS: Have any US stores purchased your product?

GIAGTZIS: No, not yet! We are in talks with a couple of stores but the market is still open.

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Published 09-29-2019 by Ted Vayos

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Walking Jack: Men’s Underwear From Greece

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