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Vibrant Body Collection Now In Specialty Stores

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). For the first time, the Vibrant Body Company collection of bras and intimates is being offered exclusively to specialty stores. “At Vibrant Body Company we aspire to change the way women think and feel about their breasts, their bras and their first layers,” explained Michael Drescher, Vibrant’s founder and CEO.

“We engaged three top global designers including lead designers from Triumph, Soma and Vassarette. After eight years of development the brand recently launched to incredible reviews – over 500 consumer five-star website reviews in the first month alone.”

There are important reasons retailers should take note. “Everything the company does starts with what’s best for women and the industry, from its compelling “clean” bra proposition to its marketing structure designed to support specialty retailers by driving repeat store customers and offering additional financial benefits for their stores.”

“We designed a bra around woman’s health and wellness because today’s woman is concerned about toxins in her food, her makeup and her clothes. No wires. No questionable ingredients. At the same time, the Vibrant bra features beautiful styling and is incredibly comfortable,” explained Heidi Lehmann, Vibrant’s master designer. “And, it’s not just the bras. The same deliberate luxury styling and clean design ethos holds true for our camis, tops and underwear.”

The company developed a 20-year utility-patented supportive bra cup, combined with special fabrics that exceed European standards. It is certified not to contain any potentially-harmful levels of chemicals such as formaldehyde, artificial flame retardants, herbicides (such as glyphosate), chlorine bleach and various heavy metals including lead, chromium, cadmium, and antimony. “All of these materials, while legal here in the U.S., are banned in Europe and pretty much in every other civilized nation. Harmful levels of these chemicals and heavy metals are toxic and can be extremely irritating to the skin. While these types of toxins can be found in many garments, we made sure through a long development process that they would not show up in our intimates,” Drescher pointed out. “We are proudly OEKO-TEX Certified which means we meet or exceed the established European standards that have banned harmful levels of over 1300 chemicals and compounds touching the skin. Here in the US we have banned less then 50. These are things women everywhere want to know.”

A primary benefit of the Vibrant Bra is that it contains no wires. “Putting wires in a bra is not only uncomfortable, but many studies show compromising the lymphatic system anywhere on the body for excessive periods of time is unhealthy,” noted Lehmann. “Our innovative patented cup provides special side support, which combined with the overall construction, actually promotes circulation rather than restricting it. Over and over again, our customers tell us it’s the most comfortable bra they have ever worn.”

“We decided to partner with specialty stores as the next step in expanding the profile of our brand,” continued Drescher. “There are so many things that make our bras and intimates different. We know we need a highly educated sales team. And that’s what the specialty store owners and managers are. They can accurately explain what makes our intimates different and better than what is out there in the market. We want to work with this group of retailers because we understand their particular needs. In return for supporting and growing our brand we have pledged to make Vibrant Body a specialty store brand. This means that while we will continue our internet presence and offer our bra and intimates on our website (, we are not going to discount the brand, but rather vigorously defend our MAP pricing policies.”

“Vibrant’s own pop up stores in NYC, LA and Milwaukee achieved consistent sales rates, with an 84% sell-through once women are fitted and a purchase rate of 1.6 items per customer. We also have a high percentage of referral purchasing by friends and loved ones.”

The bras in the collection retail for $89 while the boy shorts, thongs and hikinis are $29. Camis and tanks range from $55 to $79. The panties, camis and tanks feature beautiful Italian silk modal, are cool to the touch and have a super smooth finish.

In addition, Drescher told BODY, Vibrant is launching a wholesale dashboard for retailers to track orders. The dashboard employs an innovative system which identifies and tracks store customers. It identifies the store that first introduced a customer to the Vibrant Body Company and has the ability to pay the store a commission on any future web-based sales, even if sales happen on the Vibrant Body website.

“We have designed a system that rewards the specialty store for the work and time they will be putting in as they introduce the Vibrant Collection to their customers.” As part of the roll out, Vibrant will be exploring ways to protect retail territories. “No stores should have to worry about a competing store down the block having our lingerie. It is our priority to suggest to all geo-targeted traffic that they visit their nearest specialty shop for a professional fit. High touch is the sweet spot for us, women absolutely love it.”

The Vibrant Body Company is also setting up a program in which Heidi Lehmann will host free Vibrant Body presentations and fitting events at partner stores. These events will be cross-promoted on the specialty shop and Vibrant websites and in local press.

One specialty retailer, Althea Meinhardt, who has tested the Vibrant Collection and will soon be offering it at her store Althea’s Fine Lingerie in Milwaukee. She told BODY, “I was very surprised and impressed with the fit and appearance of the Vibrant Bra. My test client was a 60 year old 36D. She looked fabulous wearing a ribbed t-shirt over the full cup version of this bra! In addition, she absolutely loves wearing the cami and hikini in XL. This client is a very discriminating consumer, having spent her entire career in advertising and e-commerce. There was “no selling” required on my part. She simply loved each piece, as soon as she put it on!”

Stores interested in offering the Vibrant Body Collection should contact Drescher’s team at (310) 924-1177 or

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Vibrant Body Collection Now In Specialty Stores

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