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‘Seductive Women’ Is New Axami Collection

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). ‘Seductive Women’ is the “continuation of our first ‘Hot Sevilla’,” collection stated a spokesperson describing the latest group from Axami.

“We believe the delicacy and flowery look of our lingerie bring our customers unusual comfort and sexiness. That is why we use oriental flowers as the main leitmotiv in our asymmetric lace.”

“The whole collection (with one exception in red) is designed in black and beige colors in order to focus attention on the beautiful patterns. Again we wanted to create something translucent to emphasized a woman’s body.”


Sizes range from 30-38 and cups from A to E. Panties are sized 10 to 16. Wholesale prices in the 13 piece collection range from $14 to $23 for the bras and $8 to $14 for the panties.

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