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NuBra’s new seamless panty NuBra’s new seamless panty NuBra’s new seamless panty
NuBra’s new seamless panty

Added: Dec 2021
NuBra’s new seamless panty

Added: Dec 2021
NuBra’s new seamless panty

Added: Dec 2021

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Added: Jun 2017

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NuBra Will Soon Ship G-Cup Adhesive Bras

Model wearing an F-cup NuBra adhesive bra.
Model wearing an F-cup NuBra adhesive bra.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Since NuBra patented its first adhesive bra and launched the product in 2002, the company has made design improvements and added several new styles on its way to selling “over 30 million.” One of the most significant changes over the following years has been the addition of larger and larger cup sizes. In this interview, BODY publisher Nick Monjo questioned the company’s Daren Peng about this trend.

MONJO: Recently, NuBra expanded the size range for its products to F cup. When did you first offer F?

PENG: We expanded NuBra size range to include F cup in January of 2019.

MONJO: Which styles in the collection were included in this size expansion?

PENG: The F cup is available in both the Feather-Lite (style # F700) and Clear Lift (style # A100CLIO).

MONJO: Why did you make this move? Was this inspired by your retailers? Consumers? Both?

PENG: We’ve noticed a significant increase in inquiries regarding NuBra sizes beyond E cup (the largest size we had available at the time) from buyers/retailers during the last year and a half. We have no doubt that the larger sizes NuBra would function as designed after successfully selling NuBra E cup in both Feather-Lite, Clear Lift and Seamless for a few years. The question was that if there is enough demand for that. There is now.

MONJO: Can you provide a brief summary of how the size range has increased over the years?

PENG: The very first NuBra (style # N108) was created to give women the total freedom from the unsightly and uncomfortable bra straps without sacrificing the ability to shape their breasts. For a period of roughly 8-10 years since the introduction of NuBra, the most popular size was the B cup. However, we have seen that the demand on the C up started to increase and eventually caught up with the B cup. After seeing such an incredible result in booth the looks it creates and the comfort it offers to women of different sizes and shapes, the requests to offer NuBra in larger sizes such as D, E and eventually the F cup started to increase over the years.

MONJO: You had the F cup at the latest round of trade shows, along with a model demonstrating and wearing the new cup size. What was the reaction from retailers?

PENG: “Wow…it really works!”

“No lines and no bulges!”

“Is it comfortable?” The model replied “I forget that I am wearing it!”

“Does it stay on?” The model replied “I’ve been wearing for a month and it worked flawlessly and I danced the night away during the New Year’s Eve party with it!”

“I have to tell [a name] about this product.”

“Do you offer this in G cup?” My answer was “We are working on it. They will be available soon.”

MONJO: Now that you have been shipping the F cup and other larger sizes what has been the overall reaction in the market?

PENG: The retailers that offer wide range of sizes to their customers are thrilled about NuBra making larger sizes available because now their bustier customers will be able to enjoy the versatilities and the comfort of wearing NuBra.

MONJO: Can you provide some details and the timing of the G cup product?

PENG: We have completed the prototyping, fit and function testing stages and are preparing to showcase this new size during the upcoming shows in NYC and Las Vegas. NuBra G cup in both Feather-Lite (style # F700) and Clear Lift (style # A100CLIO) will be ready to ship by July, 2019.

MONJO: Do you have some additional information about your larger cup size products?

PENG: The larger cup sizes of NuBra can be worn three different ways:

1) Feather-Lite (style # F700): Wear it the traditional way with just the bra cups.

2) Clear Lift (style # A100CLIO): Wear it with a pair of Clear Lift Straps* utilizing the loops on the top, backside of the bra cups for additional support if needed.

3) Wear it the “Swap & Snap”** way for open front or deep plunging dresses: Wear it with either the Nu Lift (style # A102) or Nu Halter straps (style # A103) which are sold separately or as a pack (style # A104) for additional lift/support if desired.

*One pair is Included in A100CLIO and can be purchased separately (style # A101) as well

**Swap the left and the right bra cups with the connector facing up then snap the Nu Lift or Nu Halter strap connectors in place.

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Published 06-03-2019 by Nick Monjo

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