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Interview: International Molders’ Craig Einhorn

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Founded in the middle of the last century, International Molders—now with three factories in China—continues to be a leading supplier of molded cups for the intimate apparel, swim and novelty industries. BODY publisher Nick Monjo posed these questions for the firm’s Craig Einhorn.

MONJO: Who was the founder of IM?

EINHORN: ​Jack Howard was the original owner until seven years ago when he sold his business to a Chinese conglomerate.

MONJO: When did you start with International Molders?

​EINHORN: Started in this business in 1987, began with IM in 2000.

MONJO: Can you gives some stats about the quantity you produce in a year? Size of inventory? Dollar volume?

​EINHORN: ​We’re a privately owned company so I don’t drop dollar figures. I can tell you we’ve been approved by the likes of La Perla on one end of the spectrum, and Target on the other end. In the end, we cater to all facets of the business.

MONJO: What sets your molded cups apart from the others in the marketplace?

​EINHORN: ​Competitively priced, good quality, and a good R&D team. In today’s world creativity is critical. You can’t just be another “me too” molder. You must bring some ingenuity to the table to make a solid first impression.

MONJO: You have mentioned some of the very large clients you work with. Is there such a thing as a client that is too small to work with IM? ​

​EINHORN: ​There are always lines you try not to cross. DTM programs can cause inventory nightmares. But any customer who tells you they must pay with a credit card is usually too small.

MONJO: Can you describe the range of potential services you can offer a client?

​EINHORN: ​We sell molded bra cups. Our three major categories are intimate apparel, sports bras, as well as swimwear. Other areas we sell are maternity styles, mastectomy cups, and our latest venture into molding has been offering cups for bicycle shorts

MONJO: What are the three biggest challenges to bra producers these days?

​EINHORN: ​​You might want to ask bra manufacturers that. But for us to service bra manufacturers, we need to be competitively priced, exhibit excellent quality, and offer speed to market.

MONJO: What is your sales contact info? ​Mark Einhorn is our US sales coordinator. His email is that’s who people should reach out to.

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Published 04-28-2019 by Nick Monjo

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Interview: International Molders’ Craig Einhorn

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