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A Different Approach To Private Label Sourcing

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). While many U.S. intimates suppliers boast they can supply all of their customers’ needs with a single, company-owned factory, or through a few dedicated Asian suppliers they control, DG Brands subscribes to an entirely different philosophy.

“Truth is, to produce the whole range of intimate apparel products, from tights to bras, from panties to costumes, from seamless body wear to leggings, you are best served with a large network of factories, spread all across Asia, from China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh” declared CEO Barry Revzen.

“In reality,” he continued, “most factories are set up to focus on just one product, bras for this one, panties for that one. And even if they can do other things, they usually have one item that they are best at producing. So that is what you want to use them for.”

“Not only that, in today’s environment, you would be crazy to rely on just one country or just one factory for any component in your product line. Things can change overnight. You don’t want to be caught with no source of supply at any time.”

Revzen, who has spent over 30 years supplying all types of apparel products, and who lived in Asia for many of those years, emphasized, “There are very few people who have visited and worked with as many different types of factories in China as me and my team.” That team includes industry veteran Tim Regan who has, himself, spent decades in intimate apparel sourcing.

DG Brands’ multi-pronged, flexible and agile approach to sourcing is one of the company’s most important selling points as a private label supplier. “But our strengths in sourcing are backed up by an internal design team with decades of experience in everything from sexy lingerie to mainstream department store product,” continued Revzen. To illustrate his point, he noted that DG Brands, which owns the Dreamgirl brand, produces almost 2000 different styles each year.

“Our company has been around since 1978, and has produced millions of pieces of intimates over the years,” he concluded. “Today we are both financially sound and profitable, and are engaged in programs with many of the most important retailers.”

Contact Revzen and his team at 1 310-730-3281.

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