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Dresses From ‘Beverly Hills Naughty Girl’

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Beverly Hills Naughty Girl is a new collection of sexy, strappy seamless dresses from a long established Canadian apparel producer, Ilanco Knitting.

“We’ve been in biz since 1991,” explained the company’s Isaac Cohen. “We have been producing and designing ladies’ and men’s fashion apparel. Based in Montreal Canada, we ship and sell across Canada and USA.”

The move into sexier apparel was a natural progression he said. “We have been producing and designing ladies seamless leggings for a good part of 15 years, but never dresses or sexy outfits. Over the years we noticed that in the adult sector, they weren’t paying attention to quality, and yet there were very high prices for” what was being offered across the market.

“Having been always pushed for quality and durability by our buyers,” Cohen continued, “we decided we have what it takes to make a difference and be competitive with prices. All our seamless machines that produce leggings” are the same machines used to produce the “seamless sexy product. We are, by far, not newbies.”

Getting Beverly Hills Naughty Girl ready to ship was a challenge. “It took us a good part of a year to just research the category, see what is being offered, and test the items on the market. At the same time, search for a registrable name. That we can trademark with ease. The name had to fit the product, and the category, and be a memorable, functional name.

Cohen continued, “we know that when you launch, you better launch perfect, or you will be out of the game before you even start. To have a perfect launch, we had to produce prototype fit samples, in actual quality and colors, and then we had to create and design a package that would stand out, and be as good or better than the existing best in the market.”

After considerable time securing the name and web address, and perfecting the product the company turned to photography. “We had to plan a full photo shoot of our sexy provocative dresses and sign models that have nude experience,” Cohen confided. The process “was difficult, because as much as Montreal is known for our nude strip clubs, there are not many models with sexy dresses experience. So we had think outside the box. We engaged a woman who has the contract for all ring events for the models walking around showing the rounds. And she let us contract her girls for the shoot. We were happy to have normal girls curvy girls, etc. to portray the real woman. Our photos came out better than we expected, and we were ready for production.”

After building up a suitable amount inventory, the new line was ready. “Finally after over a year of development, we approached distributors and retailers, and our brand was very well received. They loved the name, they loved the packaging, they loved the styling. They loved the prices, and, by far, they loved the quality.”

The brand took off quickly after that. “We are masters of the seamless world, and so we started with 10 styles, and in less than four months we have 30 styles on hand in inventory and being sold and shipped throughout Canada and USA.” The 30 styles are available in multiple colors, and Cohen added, “we are in the process of designing and adding the plus sizes for next season, as well as new innovations of hanger packed items non seamless.”

Contact Ilanco at (514) 858-6794, ext. 312.

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Dresses From ‘Beverly Hills Naughty Girl’

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