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Fastech Wins Four New U.S. Component Patents

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Matthew Fink, managing director of Fastech Asia Ltd., a leading supplier of the many components that go into apparel, especially bras and other intimates has, in recent months, won four separate U.S. patents.

These inventions, which include a new way of fastening a front close bra and an improved way of securing a bra strap, are already being offered to Fastech’s clients, which include many of the leading intimate apparel makers around the world.

“The first of these two patents make a better bra, and significantly improve comfort and functionality for the wearer,” explained Fink. “The fact that we are constantly investing in improving our components through patented innovations, design improvements and better materials is why so many companies rely on our innovation to improve the fit of their products to make it repeatable. In most cases, the cost is the same as the prior component, but with the value add of knowing its being made with our specified materials, improved aesthetic, and our best in class manufacturing and quality control. Our customers bra’s provide a noticeable difference to the consumer. This enables our group to ensure that the cup will fit better and last longer. Wires will not poke through and stab the consumer. The hook and eyes will have the softest edges. The rings and sliders will hold more securely. In the end, the consumer will come to the realization that she is wearing a better bra and want to buy that brand again.”

The newly patented bra strap slider that Fink invented includes an anti-slip coating, so the strap stays in place after adjustment on her body. “The result is that the bra will stay in place and not loosen during the day,” explained Fink. “The best part is that everyone loves the aesthetic and they get the added bonus of no strap slippage,” said Fink.

The second invention, a new closure mechanism, has one of its most obvious applications with front close bras. It is designed with a connector plate which, according to the patent authorization “provides added stability” and “significantly increases its tensile strength characteristic.” Fink noted that the with a front close bra, the closure mechanism is the critical component that is most prone to failure, “especially with cheaper materials and poorly made copy cats. This would obviously lead to extreme customer dissatisfaction,” he continued. “Our design is a major improvement over our current version. It stays secured and is less prone to breakage.”

The third of the new Fastech patents is a small item that attaches to footwear and provides an improved method of securing a shoe lace. It is sold under another division to the major boot makers.

The final invention is a two-part logo plate, which could be made of metal or plastic. “The bottom portion can be sewn on to the garment; the top portion, which would have your brand logo, pivots which then covers the bottom portion that was sewn on, and it snaps into place. This gives it a sew free aesthetic.”

Fink explained that his entire sales organization “is in constant conversation about ways to improve the intimate apparel experience through our product line.” Fink added that he himself makes a big effort to be on the ground with all key markets to listen and react. This constant challenge to solve fit problems through IP is what drives him to think about different ways to improve his components. “Manufacturers come to me with their successes and wish lists. I feel personally challenged to come up with solutions.”

“The difference between us and the commodity driven suppliers that compete with us is that we are actively pushing IP to turn a commodity into a real selling feature. Each of these innovations can really mean the difference between retaining and losing a customer.”

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