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Progress Report From Dreamgirl’s New CEO

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Barry Revzen took over as the CEO of Dreamgirl a little over a year ago with the mission to make a number of changes to the operation. In this interview, BODY publisher Nick Monjo asked how the process has been going.

MONJO: What were your goals starting out? Have they changed over the year?

REVZEN: My goals for the year were to reduce overhead and expenses and bring DG back to profitability and I have done that. We are doing great. Since I started here I needed time to get involved in all aspects of this business and the biggest change I have made is in sales and how to advance to the next level. I have done this though the hiring of several very important sales people who are adding a great deal to our business plan. Nothing has changed from the beginning except that I have entered into new and exciting new territories such as private label sales. But that is an amazing and interesting field and I expect to we can do very well with it.

MONJO: What have you achieved in the first year?

REVZEN: The biggest achievement I have made is returning to profitability. What remains to be done? Sales, sales and more sales.

MONJO: How is Dreamgirl a different company from a year ago?

REVZEN: We are financially stronger, I have a game plan in place for increased sales and a great team to help with the sales.

MONJO: Dreamgirl has been known as both a costume company and a lingerie company. Has that identity changed this year in any way?

REVZEN: Nothing has really changed although costumes are not as strong as they once were and lingerie is strong and getting stronger. Next year we plan to launch a kids costume line, but that will be for 2020.

MONJO: We have previously reported on some important new personnel. Lorraine Imrich [sales director] and Tim Regan [private label sales]. Are there any other changes you would like to point out?

REVZEN: I am planning on only investing in sales people from here on. I have hired a new person to work with us and I am so very confident of the skills and ability that this person will to bring to DG. I cannot mention who this is at this time but once they are on board Jan 1/19 I will make an announcement. I am extremely excited to have this person on my team.

MONJO: What message would you like to send out to Dreamgirl customers, the retailers? How is it a better company for them?

REVZEN: I want my customers to know that we are stronger financially and costs are in line. We are heading for an explosion and I want my customers to feel that they are and should be part of the new and better Dreamgirl. We are improving in all aspect and I hope my customers understand and will help in giving us even greater support. I want to thank all of our amazing and so very supportive customers for their generous support.

MONJO: How has the retailer perception changed?

REVZEN: When I first started I think some of our customers, who did not know me, were a bit nervous having to work with a new CEO. But now I know from the many customers and friends I have in this business that they support and appreciate the changes I have instituted and they can see that we are a new and improved company.

MONJO: How has the consumer perception changed?

REVZEN: I think the consumer perception of DG is only getting better and better. We are doing more social media to try and brand DG and I feel it is working well. The more we do to get our name out there the better our consumers feel about buying and wearing our product.

MONJO: As we head into a new year, what NEW things can we expect from Dreamgirl?

REVZEN: We are deciding on what to do next and how to bring on more lines for both our existing customers and lines that will take us to an exciting and new path. We have lots in the works and as things develop I will give you more details. I plan on working to expand and improve our company and what we offer to customers. My goal is to expand into areas that we are not working in at this time. Different markets.

MONJO: What else would you like to add about the new Dreamgirl?

REVZEN: Dreamgirl has been around for a long time now and I believe we will be here for a long time to come. We are stronger financially than ever and with new lines and product for the future I plan to build sales over the next several years and open as many new markets as I can. I think we have an aggressive sales plan and will be on top for many years to come.

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Published 01-07-2019 by Nick Monjo

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