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Luxury Post-Surgical Bras From Crisscross

(Filed Under wholesale Mastectomy News). The Nina and Grace bras from Crisscross Intimates are “luxe post-surgical bras for any stage or phase of breast surgery,” explained Jean Criss, owner of the company.

The patented designs “support single or bilateral lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstructive surgeries, augmentative surgeries and are being used after breast surgery or without having to endure breast surgery, as active wear,” she continued. “The fabric is so soft and the bra band so cushiony and comfortable with the criss-cross entry, women love it as an active sport-type bra. So before I launched I positioned to a broader audience and the collection was announced as “luxe intimate apparel for women and men.”

Criss, who underwent breast surgery herself, “truly disliked over a dozen different bra brands and styles I wore throughout my survivorship, over a four-year period. From accordion-like strapless Velcro wraps, to utilitarian zipper tight conforming ugly white bras. They were uncomfortable and I wrote in my survivor story that they woke the neighbors, they had so much Velcro! So I first eliminated almost all the Velcro, the zippers, and all the uncomfortable things I disliked. I innovated a new design.”

“The utility-patented designs are unique and from my own branding to designs. They are simply innovative and revolutionary. From fabrics, trims, style and comfort they outmatch other post-surgical bras. I created style and fashion for survivorship!”

Criss emphasized that she patented her design early in the process. “Many don’t do this or they do it after they launch. I did it first. I trademarked my brand, Crisscross Intimates, and obtained a utility patent for my now award-winning ISO accredited designs. I have only put into manufacturing the first of many designs and styles I have.”

The Nina and Grace bras are made using “a high-end European micro-fiber fabric. Very soft to the skin,” said Criss. “That’s very important after surgeries. I wanted a high-end fabric that would make you feel good all over. I used a double bonded fabric for the tight compression where fluids need to be released post-op around the breast area and a lighter weight, softer, thinner fabric at the bra band with a padding to make it oh so comfortable to wear. About the design, I integrated a criss-cross wrap with all my patented designs, and they are easy to get in and out of. This is especially crucial after any post-op surgery when lifting your arms overhead can be challenging and painful.”

“Then I designed a breast cancer symbol,” she continued. “A racer-back that allows the straps to stay on your shoulders. Again, when you may have one breast larger than the other, it’s important for the bra straps to remain in place and the compression bra to work for you. After having my straps fall down for years post-op, I realized, post-lumpectomy and mastectomy, I needed to integrate a design and bra strap that would support the breasts and keep the straps on. Hence the design I have. I integrated a little “sexy” in the Nina and Grace Bras by adding “mesh” on the lower back.  Rotating colors slightly to give it some punch!”

Criss has taken an extra step with many of the components of her bras to guarantee comfort and consistent fit. “We pre-washed the lace and pre-shrink all trims to ensure what you get will fit even after you wash the garment. A size S/M, M/L or L/XL  Brief will not lose its shape as example. My production manufacturer suggested this to me and the extra cost to procure a little extra fabric in all colors was worth it to me, selling a luxury line.”

The Nina Bra comes in sizes S - XL. “The Grace Bra is our plus sized post-op bra and is available in 2XL, 3XL and larger custom sizes are also available for incremental fee.” The bras are available in nine “beautiful bold colors,”: Black, Blush, White, Tawny, Soft Pink, Hot Pink With Black, Navy, Turquoise, Eggplant.” However, as a survivor, I again wanted to related to all the patients out there. So I created some fun colored styles” as well.

The Nina Bra wholesales for $45; the Grace Bra for $49.50. “Minimum order quantities (MOQ) start at five and go up from there. Buy one bra style, MOQ five, receive 25% off. Buy two styles, get 30% off, etc. Buy 100 units, three styles get 45% off. Basically, I offer an exclusive entry to my wholesale rates and access to the site is extended to interested and serious buyers. Upwards of 50% discounts are available for one or many products, you can mix and match, and this is what’s most important to you as a buyer.”

Suggested retail price for the Nina Bra is $90; for the Grace Bra it is $99. The latter “requires a little more of that exclusive double bonded European fabric, hence a little higher costs to produce per unit. Custom sizes available for incremental fee.”

The bras come with matching bottoms. “I offer briefs and thongs alike in ten beautiful bold colors. Matching to the bras and complementing if you change up the colors. As example, wear a Blush bottom with a Soft Pink bra. The bra band is also Blush and so is the mesh, and you will see how this sexy look looks great on all survivors, post-surgery.” The panties, continued Criss, are made of “an ultra-sensitive, lighter weight micro-fiber fabric. Easy to work with for laser cut clean edges. Once you wear the panties, it does shrink back into shape after you wash them. Unlike most other brands on the market today. The briefs have a cotton crotch and lace trim at waistline. They can hold a Crisscross medical pouch inside or out too.”

U.S. wholesale prices for the panties are $14 for briefs; $12 for thongs. “The same quantity discount grid for the bras applies to other garments. I am always open for discussion with retailers for reasonable size orders too.” Suggested U.S. retail price for the briefs is $28, for thongs, $24.

Contact Crisscross Intimates at or by phone at (908) 247-8443.

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