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Lena minimizer

Added: Dec 2018
Nanette nursing bra

Added: Dec 2018
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Dominique Bridal

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Dominique Bridal

Added: Jun 2018

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Dominique Minimizers: A Formula For Success

Two views of Dominique’s Mystique Minimizer style #7000.
Two views of Dominique’s Mystique Minimizer style #7000.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). “Minimizers are immensely popular, and in the case of Dominique, have our highest sell through rate,” began owner Michael Chernoff, discussing a category of bras his company has made a specialty.

“Professional fitters swear by our minimizers due to their expert construction and consistency. Many stores also profit from tailoring to create a custom fit experience for their customers.”

With the right understanding of the category, and proper selection of styles and brands, minimizers can become a strong profit center for specialty stores. And specialty stores are the focus of Dominique.

“There is no specific customer for a minimizer. One would think that only the largest of busts would require one, but that is not really true,” Chernoff explained. “The term “minimizer” is a bit misleading. The best minimizer bras are actually just great shaping bras. The term itself obviously comes from the fact that, in the case of Dominique minimizers, the bra will reduce the appearance of your bust by up to a half of a cup size. The bra distributes the breast tissue more evenly throughout the cup and reduces the projection and the circumference of the chest. But even many smaller busted women can really benefit from the shaping effects of a quality Dominique minimizer. Our retailers are constantly asking for smaller and smaller band and cup sizes on our top selling minimizers, and we currently start them at 30 bands in A cups for this very reason. A great shaping bra creates that perfect silhouette.”

Minimizers provide solutions for a variety of fashion challenges. “If you’ve got larger, wide-set breasts, a minimizer can provide more cleavage. Women with pendulous breasts can also benefit from the shaping of a minimizer. Or, you might feel that your breasts are disproportionately large for your body. A minimizer will reduce projection and may give you a more balanced silhouette. For smaller busts, a minimizer functions as a great shaping bra.”

Chernoff added that “many women complain that their button down shirts or blouses gap. Some buy in a larger size to combat this but then you end up with a poorly fitting shirt, even if it does button. A minimizer bra will solve this. Also, form fitting clothes may pull and give you a horizontal line across the front. With a minimizer, your clothes will hang properly.”

Dominique currently offers several under wire minimizers and one wire free version. Mystique Style 7000, Lila Lace Minimizer style #7001, and Meryl Front Closure Minimizer style #7050 are all under wire minimizers. “The Meryl front closure is the first of it’s kind and is quite unique with it’s front closure and T-back for back smoothing and support,” said the executive. “Jillian style #6800 is a wire free version of Mystique style 7000.”

Retail prices for the Dominique minimizers range from $50 to $55. “Mystique Seamless Minimizer style 7000: 30-44 A-G, retails for $52.00 and is available in black, chocolate, navy, nude, pink, and purple. Lila Lace Minimizer style 7001: 32-44 B-G, retails for $55.00 and is available in black and nude. Meryl Front Closure Minimizer style 7050: 30-44 B-F, retails for $52.00 and is available in black and nude. Jillian Wire Free Minimizer style 6800: 30-44 A-G, retails for $50.00 and is available in black and nude.” Matching bottom style 420: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, retails for $16.00 and is available in graphite, nude, navy, pink, chocolate, black, purple and medium beige.

Asked where a retailer might begin when adding minimizers to a store, Chernoff replied, “I would strongly suggest starting with Mystique Dominique style 7000. We have not yet encountered a retailer who has not been successful selling this style. It is available in seven colors and cups A – G. As Dominique offers same day drop shipping, and no minimums, the carrying cost and on-boarding costs of Dominique products is quite low. Mystique is a great place to start.”

“The Mystique Minimizer style #7000 in particular is designed to fully cover the breast and utilizes a rigid simplex material in the cup that provides a lighter feel while maintaining great support and shaping,” he continued. “But, as I stated earlier, these are simply great shaping bras. Most women would benefit immensely from having at least one in their collection.”

Vice president Kevin Byrnes is the main sales contact for the brand; he can be reached at, or (914) 595-4146.

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