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Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets Costume from Daisy Corsets
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016
Costume from Daisy Corsets

Added: Nov 2016

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Daisy Corsets Hits With Mix-N-Match Options

Separate corsets and skirts provide a multitude of looks.
Separate corsets and skirts provide a multitude of looks.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Daisy Corsets’ corset dress collection continues to expand for 2018, with the company’s powerful Mix-N-Match concept helping to drive growth according to co-owner Jennifer Reynolds.

“After our Special Occasion line of corseted dresses were met with great enthusiasm by our retailers, we launched our casual-wear dress line in 2018. While our Special Occasion line is geared towards prom and bridal, our casual-wear corseted dress line are everyday dresses that girls would wear to work, out on a date, to a party, etc.,” she explained.

And the new line is extensive. “We just photographed over 250 new corset dress looks,” said Reynolds, who runs the company with husband Mark. “Between our Special Occasion and Casual-Wear corseted dress lines, we have over 500 different looks.”  

The Special Occasion collection includes “beautiful laces, embroidery and other high-end fabrics. In our Casual-Wear line, lace is still our top selling fabric. But we also went more on trend with some great faux leather and fishnet styles that have been really popular, as well as denim. The great thing about our basics, is that they don’t go out of style. And you can dress them up or dress them down very easily. You can pair one of our lace corseted dresses with a denim jacket for a cute date-night look, or pair it with a beautiful shawl and wear it to a wedding.” 

“We have a lot of colors available in our dress lines,” continued Reynolds. “We are very excited about our new Velvet line coming out for this Fall/Winter. We have dresses available in our new velvets for both the Special Occasion and Casual-Wear corseted dress lines. Our velvet colors for this year are: Dark Red, Dark Green, Black, Dark Purple, Dark Teal and Navy Blue. We also have our top selling floral embroidered dresses in Wine, Plum, Emerald and Black for our Fall/Winter collection.”

All of the corseted dresses are offered in sizes XSmall to 6X. “For our Casual-Wear corseted dress line, wholesale prices start at $75 for a one piece dress. For our Special Occasion corset dress line, wholesale prices start at $150 for a one piece dress. Mix-N-Match pieces start at $40 for corsets and $30 for skirts.”

“Within our dress lines, we have both one piece dress options, as well as two piece dresses,” said Reynolds, explaining how the Mix-N-Match concept works. “Our two piece dresses have a corset for the top of the dress (with a large variety of corset styles and fabrics to choose from), and a separate skirt that is worn with the corset to create your dress look. Right now, we have five skirt lengths: Mini, Short (hits right above the knee), High-Low, Long, and Long w/Pick-Ups. Both our Long and Long w/Pick-Ups skirts can be worn with a hoop skirt underneath for added volume. For our one piece dresses, we currently have four styles available, with a lot of color and fabric options available for each style.”

“All of the corsets and skirts are sold separately to create the two piece dress looks. This is a great option for retailers who want to carry the line, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe retailers who want to start with a few style options in the beginning. A retailer can bring in a basic black corset from our dress line, and several skirt options that would go with that corset, to create multiple looks. Or they could bring in a more embellished corset, and bring in our basic black satin skirts that would pair with it, creating several different looks.”

The casual dress styles were created “After a lot of requests from our retailers (and their customers!), we are doing a big push on the Casual-Wear corseted dress line this year. Having true, built-in shape wear in our dresses is our #1 feature, and the #1 selling point for our retailers. There is such high demand for this type of product in the market, and we aim to provide our retailers, and their customers, with a high-quality, affordable dress option that is also truly functional.”

There are more couture dress styles as well, the executive added. “We will continue to come out with new Special Occasion corseted dress to stay on trend with what is popular for prom, bridal and other special occasion events throughout the year. We are constantly sourcing new fabrics and coming up with new designs for this line.”

“What’s really exciting and fun about this line, is that for a lot of our looks, you are pairing a corset with a separate skirt,” Reynolds concluded. “This gives the buyer a chance to customize their look (which girls love to do!) and feel like they are creating their own unique style. You can take the same corset style and pair it with one of our mini skirts, high low skirts, or long skirts. Right now we have five different skirt length options. So you can take your same base corset, and wear it with different skirts to give you completely different looks. You can also take that same corset and pair it with jeans or leggings for an outerwear look. There are so many possibilities!”

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