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Perseus: Underwear Inspired By The Gods

(Filed Under wholesale Men's Underwear News). Perseus is a men’s underwear line, first available online in July, 2017, that will be showing at Curve in New York. Based in Texas, it is now selling in brick and mortar stores.

The firm takes its name from Perseus, the Greek hero of legend, who beheaded the Gorgon Medusa and founded Mycenae. Images on the website feature models in action or repose around an ancient temple.

“Underwear has always been a passion for me,” Carlos Manrique, the owner of the brand, told BODY. “From my perspective, the underwear is the way to express who a man really is, representing on it, his strength, masculinity, tenacity, courage, all this in a piece of garment.” He added that he started the firm “to empower men to externalize their inner strength and capacity of seduction.” On the website he notes the collection was “inspired by the gods.”

The company offers briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and jock straps that range in retail price on the website from $25.50 to $32.50. “In general terms, our wholesale prices are, in most of the cases, between 40% to 50% off of the retail prices.”

“The collection (Danae) we are bringing to the show is composed of eight styles with a combination of silhouettes; this, give us a pretty good (and enough) variety to present to our potential customers. Our goal is to have two collections per year.”

“We want to differentiate from many of the underwear brands actually in the market which are made in East Asia that reflect low quality materials and deficiencies in its confection due to their automatized confection,” Manrique continued. He emphasized that in the construction of his underwear he uses high end materials, fabrics and “hand made” practices that provide “our customers a better experience to wear a strong and durable piece of cloth.”

Designer Kate Laverde works in Texas, but the actual manufacturing is done in Colombia. In the men’s underwear sector, “many high end and well recognized international brands have Colombia as their origin,” noted Manrique.

Asked why stores should be interested in the new brand, he listed “innovative designs,” a “perfect combination of fabrics, colors and prints,” and “quick product availability. Being a local brand, our customer do not have to wait months to get their order ready for availability, dispatch or distribution.”

Examples of stores already selling Perseus include Skivvies in Dallas and MaleBWear in San Antonio according to Manrique who noted that his initial strategy was to “visit specialized stores in Texas and surrounding states. We have noticed e-mail marketing strategy hasn’t been very effective so far. The idea is to bring our underwear and present them to the stores, store owners, managers. Fortunately we have had pretty good response to this strategy. Besides specialized stores (lingerie stores), we are looking to expand our strategy to on-line stores, boutiques and department stores. We consider an event as Curve can give us more exposure to our potential customers.” Contact Perseus at — NM

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Published 02-23-2018 by Nick Monjo

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