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Fitatti’s Unique ’Fashion Slimmer’ Technology

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Fitatti, the recently launched shaping and slimming brand, not only offers a new way of catering to the needs of specialty stores, but also provides a unique approach to shapewear: the Fashion Slimmer process.

“Our technology uses uniquely designed varying levels of minimal, medium, and high compression technology, which result in aesthetically different textural rib design patterns,” explained Paul, the owner. “Each garment embodiment is uniquely constructed and knit-down with our custom combination of micro nylon and spandex yarns. Compression rib texture will smooth out certain areas while allowing other areas to breathe and have more flexibility.”

This is a new approach for shapewear. “Compression zones are strategically placed throughout the garment to provide a smoother silhouette (e.g., that women want), and each garment has fashionable appeal – so it can be worn on its own, or layered. For our cami, tank, slip dress and tube, gradual steps of compression are placed from top to bottom of the garment, while following contours of the body. The maximum amount of compression is placed around the belly to smooth out this area, and the backside/outer thigh for our slip dress. For our leggings, we have placed compression zones around the backside, and inner/outer thigh, as well as the knee area, designed to tighten bulging areas while making you look and feel slimmer.”

Paul explained the significance of his new approach. “Traditional shapewear is meant to be out of sight, and worn under clothing. Many women need support in particular areas of the body (e.g., around the lower stomach area) and have, in the past, used shapewear underneath their clothing to achieve a smoother silhouette. With our Fashion Slimmer technology, we have developed an entirely new seamless garment (e.g., a hybrid between traditional shapewear and fashionable clothing). Our garments have been designed with fashion and function in mind, so they can be worn on their own or layered!”

While other shapewear can quickly lose its recovery, “Fitatti products are constructed with longevity in mind. After extensive wear testing, and wash testing, our products still retain maximum recovery and functionality,” Paul explained. He added that he developed these processes from “over 16 years of private label manufacturing experience.”

The five initial Fitatti styles include a racerback tank, a tube that is perfect for layering, a cami with adjustable straps, a dress that can be worn as a slip with adjustable straps, and the perfect leggings. The line is intended to be shown, fitted and sold exclusively by specialty retailers. When a consumer wants more Fitatti they will need to return to a Fitatti retailer.

To this end, the company is setting up a network of stores that are introducing Fitatti to their customers. “We know the value of these retail partners and will remain committed to their lasting success.” Stores interested in participating should contact Nicole Weaver, Design Coordinator, at or visit Fitatti’s website at

Fitatti is attempting nothing short of a revolution in the shapewear category. “When you think of shape wear, you think of tight and uncomfortable garments that suck you in. Fitatti has made it our mission to eliminate this discomfort, by using a wide range of fit models of all ages and sizes to ensure the optimal level of comfort for every woman, and to achieve a garment that smooths out trouble areas. Something unique that goes into our shapewear is that our yarns are customized specifically for our garments. Fitatti is designed for women, by women.”

An added advantage for Fitatti is its location in Los Angeles. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to employ American factory workers and promote local businesses,” Paul concluded. “Keeping all of our steps of production local in the U.S. enables us to develop and produce supreme products, as we are able to oversee all steps to ensure superb quality control.”

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