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BL Intimates Continues Multifaceted Expansion

Examples of the new Exquisite Form sleepwear, and one of the colorful new Exquisite Form bras.
Examples of the new Exquisite Form sleepwear, and one of the colorful new Exquisite Form bras.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). BL Intimates (BLI), following a year of expansion in 2017, plans still more in 2018, adding new retailers in this country, international distribution in Europe, a new sleepwear program and the possibility of new bras and shapers in the Exquisite Form line.

“2017 has definitely been the most successful year for Exquisite Form yet!” declared BLI’s Stephanie Bronk in an interview with BODY. “Our customers have been asking for color, so we introduced five new style/colors in our Exquisite Form Fully bras that shipped in Spring 2017. The demand for color has been stronger than expected and we are trying to keep up! We are extremely happy with their performance.”

In recent months BLI also announced it would be “taking over the current Vanity Fair Coloratura sleepwear program, and will be re-branding it under the Exquisite Form name. This transition will take place in early 2018, and we will begin shipping to all retailers in March 2018. Our goal for this transition was to keep all elements of the program unchanged. We will continue to run the same styles and colors as the existing program, and will be offering fashion colors multiple times a year.”

“This past fall, we met with all the current Vanity Fair Coloratura retailers, and received commitments for the new Exquisite Form sleepwear program. Everyone is so thankful that this legendary program will continue to live on, now under Exquisite Form – a brand that is known worldwide for its extremely loyal customers. We are very excited to be able to offer a whole new category, and we look forward to launching in Spring 2018!”

The line expansions have helped find new customers for BLI. “In 2017, we introduced many new retailers and distributors across the country. Multiple well-established intimates’ e-tailers (,,, to name a few) are now carrying the Exquisite Form program, and our goal for 2018 is to continue further expansion with an emphasis on Ecomm. We also plan on further expanding our team of sales reps. While our current team has been doing a fantastic job at seeking out new boutiques and at servicing our current ones, we are always on the lookout for passionate and hard-working sales reps. At this time we have openings on West Coast and the Midwest, those interested can reach out to the Exquisite Form account manager Stephanie Bronk at, 514-858-9254 ext 224.”

The expansion in Europe will be driven by a new distributor for the company. “BLI has partnered with API Apparel Partners International GmbH (Andreas Luetjen) who will handle the distribution of the brand in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and the UK. The Exquisite Form program launched on November 1rst 2017, and shipments to customers will begin at the end of 2018.”

Asked about further line expansions, Bronk noted, “Aside from sleepwear, we hope to expand our Exquisite Form bra and shapers assortment in the coming year. Our plans are still under wraps but our customers can rest assured that any additions to the program will continue to offer the same reliable solution-based products that they trust and depend on.” — NM

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Published 12-15-2017 by Nick Monjo

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