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BLI Continuing Vanity Fair Sleepwear Program

(Filed Under wholesale Sleepwear News). BL Intimates is taking over the Vanity Fair Coloratura sleepwear program, and will begin shipping to retail customers starting early next year.

“BL Intimates, a joint venture between Vanity Fair Brands (Fruit of the Loom) and Lamour Hosiery, currently markets and distributes the Exquisite Form brand throughout North America,” explained Stephanie Bronk, the BL corporate account manager, noting that the companies have been partners for over 20 years. Vanity Fair Brands is exiting the “sleepwear program at the end of December 2017. BLI will be taking over the marketing, distribution and production of this legendary program at the start of 2018, with a launch date set for March 2018.”

“The current Vanity Fair sleepwear program consists of a short gown, a short sleeve pajama set, and a flutter sleeve gown, all available in regular and plus sizing. All styles are made in the same Tricot fabric that Vanity Fair has become known for. Loyal customers can rest assured that there will be no changes to the current product, other than the transition of the brand name… to Exquisite Form.”

Asked if BL intends to expand the collection, Bronk replied, “Definitely! Our main goal is to make this transition as seamless and smooth as possible for a Spring 2018 launch. Once the transition is completed, we will most certainly be looking to expand the program by adding styles, sizes and basic colors.”

During the transition, prices will remain frozen. “It was very important to us to keep all elements of this program unchanged, including pricing. We are very happy to be able to offer the same wholesale and retail prices under the Exquisite Form brand,” said Bronk. “Our short gown retails from $32.00 to $34.00, the short sleeve pajama between $40.00 to $42.00 and the flutter sleeve retails at $36.00.”

“The program is currently carried at several large USA retailers as well as many well-known e-commerce retailers. We also plan on approaching all existing Exquisite Form retail customers in the New Year, as we believe the program complements our rapidly expanding Exquisite Form FULLY bra program. We truly believe that the end consumer is the same for both items.”

Bronk also confirmed that all important customers are planning to continue under BL. “Thankfully yes! We have met with all of the existing customers that carried the sleepwear program, and they are delighted that BLI will be taking over under the Exquisite Form brand. They know that this customer is in their store, and they want to keep them there. We have since received each customer’s commitments and projections for our Spring 2018 launch.” — NM

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Published 10-16-2017 by Nick Monjo

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