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ESP Finding Stores For Joe’s Lounge, Sleep

 Joe Buonfiglio, Nancy Yang and Suzanne Vennera of ESP.
Joe Buonfiglio, Nancy Yang and Suzanne Vennera of ESP.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). ESP Group recently placed its licensed collection of Joe’s loungewear, sleepwear and intimates with Nordstom, and was at the Project show in August in Las Vegas showing the collection to additional stores.

“We are in the process of finalizing our orders with Nordstrom in the women’s category,” declared Nancy Yang, the company EVP. “It will start shipping in spring 2018, both in stores and online.” She added that “The sales team is currently concluding the orders with” other stores that she did not identify.

The Joe’s license, which was signed late last year, covers men’s and women’s sleepwear and loungewear as well as women’s intimates and men’s underwear.

ESP has been a producer in those categories for over thirty years. It formerly operated under the name Esportia, and has worked with many additional licensed brands. The firm’s website lists “English Laundry and Tailor Vintage underwear and loungewear for men, as well as Catherine Malandrino loungewear and sleepwear for women,” as its other current licenses. House brands include French Dressing and Body and Soul, and the website adds that the company produces “private label merchandise for Costco Wholesale under the Hathaway brand, for BJ’S Wholesale under Member’s Selection, and for Fred Meyer under Michael Morgan and Great Northwest.”

“Currently the company is putting a big emphasis on Joe’s Jeans as the brand helps us expand to more channels of distribution,” Yang told BODY. “However, it is not our only emphasis. We are constantly working on expanding our private label business. Recently we also started to expand our international business especially in the European market with the help of Tim Regan.” (Regan, who has had extensive senior management experience in the industry, with such companies as Delta Galil, Pleasure State and Vanity Fair, joined ESP last spring).

“We are always seeking other licenses to add to our portfolio,” Yang continued. “We want to have different brands that can fill the void in different marketplaces. We are not only limited to underwear and sleepwear. We are open to other categories such as socks and sportwear, as we have access to the production resources.”

Currently about 55% of the company’s production is in the women’s category with the bulk of the remainder in men’s, and about 5% in kid’s.

Yang explained that ESP has participated in the Magic and Curve shows in the past, “with our house brands French Dressing and Bridgeport and licensed brand Sanctuary. The categories are daywear, sleepwear and loungewear.”

Asked what sets ESP apart, the executive answered: “Design, service and quality. In our industry, everyone is competing with price so we will always offer our customer the best prices possible but without sacrificing design and quality.”

According to the company website, ESP maintains its corporate office and distribution center near Los Angeles and has a showroom at 358 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Manufacturing is done in Thailand, China and Cambodia. Sales contact is Joe Buonfiglio, VP sales and marketing, at (626) 301-0280. — NM

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Published 09-22-2017 by Nick Monjo

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